Washburn. Good? or Bad?

This Discussion board is starting to disapoint me. Not many or any replies anymore.
But here's a shot at another quick topic i'd like some help with, if possible.

I would like to know any pros or cons about Washburn. Are they good? Are they shit?

I'm interested in the washburn T24 or T25. Unsure about the JJ pickups.

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1bassleft wrote:
Guitar picture... posted on bass cat... must find mod's button... must delete image... :lol:

Sorry about that! I came to this thread via the weekly email and hadn't realised I was in the dreaded BASS section!

We did you to post a lot more but it was mainly the two of us, stuff like the effects thread was certainly useful for me...yeah I know, I started it. And I really could question a couple of the members for days on pickups and other internals.

I still think we should see your design-a-bass ideas (although not any top secret bits of course!) May inspire some of us (me!) who only know the basics of the differences wood choice etc make...

I think what I'm saying is we should go full-on anorak style :lol:

About the Washburn T24 Taurus 4 string bass. First I have played bass guitar for over 30 years and have played in several blues rock soul bands and have owned many bass guitars. My reference bass amp is a vintage Kustom 200 w/ 2 EVM 15B drivers used for this review. Even though I have owned many classic bass guitars the Taurus is my first "neck thru body" design. Having the opportunity to jam on a Gibson "neck thru body" Firebird I noticed the that the sustain was fantastic. After doing some research I learned that neck thru body design and great sustain are synonymous. The Taurus also benefits with great sustain as well great tone in spades. W/ the dual pickup setup I was able to dial my preferred tone and noticed that I could go most anywhere I wanted when combined w/ the amp tone controls. With 24 frets you enter into more high note possibilities. The problem w/ some of these extended range basses is they are not balanced and are uncomfortable when standing. I was happy to find the T24 long horn pretty much makes up for this problem. After adjustment I found the neck to be very comfortable and fast. The high notes are also very playable. The T24 is made from great materials and parts. I suspect that all the ingredients and NTB design work well together to produce not only great tone and sustain but also an even volume up and down the fret board along with low distortion. I bought this mint used bass for $225 w/o a case. At the under new $450 street price I think it is an outstanding value and should be on your checkout radar. I am not a dealer or shill for Washburn. Some of my comparison basses are Fender P, MusicMan SR, OLP SR, Squire Jazz, Guild Starfire, BC Rich P Eagle, and Steinberger.

Hey, thanks for the review, hopefully it'll help other's searching for this topic. Always good to read informed, objective opinions.

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