Cardboard Box Upright Bass

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He has quite a few vids uplinked there (washtubbass). The duel proved that it's (a) louder and (b) cruddier than a pukka URB. Still, good for him.

I don't get why so many of his clips have him starting and stopping the camcorder. Why doesn't he get his wife or girlfriend to do it? :wink:

hah... you answered your own question there.

my wife thinks i'm crazy and my kids see me as being the most ulcool guy on the planet.
they may be correct, but i think i'm going thru a second childhood now!

I read somewhere that your wife cannot testify against you in court. Just as well for us bassists and guitarists. Mrs Bass regards my ever-growing collection of half-working basses and (particularly) amps with a mix of derision and irritation.

HST, I'm quite friendly with the Y11 (16 y.o.) kids at school who play in a band. The poor gits have to use the school's "Torque" cheapo transistor amps but I lent the kid who's irritatingly good on both guitar and bass my little Dallas Scala and DHA VT1 pedal for home use. He's especially impressed with the valve-driven OD, having used nothing better than a Rocktron. These little things can make me a "Sir is actually quite cool" in at least some teenager's opinion.

i dunno about the wife-against-hubby in court, i see it on TV all the time...
my kids growl is any of their friends show a smidgent of intrest in my box bass. I've come to discover that there is a great JOY in harmlessly embarressing my kids.

Boggie, I've seen you recently with a washtub bass pickup on eBay. I must say I'm warming to your leftfield interests. Have you done a demo vid of that pup in action?

i have an electric washtub bass video posted here
i'll do more youtube videos with a guitarist. the washtub bass isnt really a soloist instrument because the actual musical notes are somewhat of an audio-illusion.

probably the most amazing thing to happen thus far is that my box bass is in Bass Player magazine June 2007 on page 15.

I'd never really seen a washtub played before. Weird - like watching a Fokker Eindecker wing-warping to get around. Top honours for getting into the magazine; that's impressive. I don't usually buy BP so I'll have to rummage around and maybe have a sneaky read in WH Smiths like a lot of other cheapskates do. If they put the article up on the web please be sure to link it on this thread so others can see.

here's a link to the article in Bass Player Magazine June 2007 issue on page 15

i'm a mailman and amateur bassist in Detroit, and now i can say that my home made basses are featured in Bass Player magazine... i hope they take my electric washtub basses seriously too. The washtub is a fun fun thing to play, and i ALWAYS attract attention at gigs with it. But the Box Bass seems to be attracting an unusual amount of attention. I love them both. my main Bass is a fretless electric bass that i made back in 1980.
it didnt cost me ANYTHING! just spare parts from friends. I have a 72 Precision bass, but i never play it.

Thanks for the link, an interesting read. As you say, getting into BP is quite a coup and I hope it increases the interest for you. Myself, I'm just getting to grips with a fretless EAB; I've got a way to go yet and I'd hate to think what I'd be like on a washtub. Certainly a way to get noticed at gigs, though.

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