Stratocaster intonation problems---please help!!!

Several strings, most notably the low E have intonation issues. If I tune to open E, then fret a G at the third fret, it's way sharp. I know how to fix this problem on my Epiphone, but I could use some help with my Strat. Thanks to anyone who knows something about this. Kent :cry:

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what kid of strat is it? you fix the problem in the same way as your epi tunomatic bridge, adjust the screws on the bridge to shorten and lengthen the string, move the bridge forward to sharpen, and back to flatten.
play a harmonic note above the 12th fret, tune the guitar exactly with a tuner, then lightly hold down the string on the 12th, the notes should be exact, if its sharp or flat adjust the bridge with a turn of the screw on the saddle and test again.

tnek, although Lee is right about the 'how to' with the bridge, if you're way sharp even by the 3rd fret, I think your neck's truss rod needs adjusting. I would recommend a professional setup, but post agin if you'd like to know which way to turn the allen key (but don't sue us if it goes twoing :wink: )

Bass go to bed its nearly 3am

I was about to tell you the same thing when my 'reply' email clicked :lol: . What's your excuse?

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