What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Affordable Jazz Guitars #9

by Doc Dosco

Affordable Jazz Guitars: Peerless

I have said a lot of very nice things about Peerless jazz guitars
lately. I feel they really do deserve the praise and I like the line so
much I agreed to endorse. Peerless have a brand new Jazz line. It has
4 guitars, 3 of which I now have.

These guitars are built loosely in the D'Aquisto style, floating
pick-up, wood pick guard and tail piece. The New York model has a
laminate spruce top with maple sides and back The Monarch is a solid
spruce top, maple sides and back, and the Jazz City, solid maple top,
maple sides and back. They also have a Port Town non-cutaway model.
These guitars are all play and sound excellent, and all are very
affordable. They are beautifully constructed with an eye for detail.

I have pictures of these guitars on my website at

To start with, I went to NAMM this year and played every new affordable
jazz guitar I could find in the 2 days I was there. I will cover several
others in this series and expand on the Peerless line. DiPinto has as
new jazz model. Bob Benedetto has an affordable jazz guitar (for a
Benedetto - $2995) I played a wonderful Godin nylon string and several
others. Cort has a few new cheap models as do a couple of other
manufacturers. I also played a myriad of inferior Chinese guitars. They
all looked wonderful but almost all of them played like boat anchors.

Peerless by far had the best jazz guitar in the $1000 price range. I
must be really taken with this line as here are some of the quotes I
have given out on Peerless:

"These guitars are incredible. Wonderful sounding and a joy to play. And
they won't cost you a fortune."

"You can buy their whole jazz line for less than some guitars I've
played that aren't nearly as good as their cheapest one..."

"Peerless jazz guitars are small works of art."

It seems that Peerless built the D'Aspiranta guitars that I had made my
everyday guitars both live and for recording. As those guitars sound and
play better than all my other more expensive guitars, I just naturally
warmed to Peerless. The Peerless New York is essentially the exact same
guitar as the D'Aspiranta. One of my D'Aspirantas is bright, one is dark
and the Peerless New York is right in between, with a nice rich acoustic
loud tone. Very balanced. Great neck. Needless to say, the Peerless are
now my everyday guitars. As I signed an exclusive agreement to record,
and play only Peerless in public, I had to make sure I would be really
happy with these guitars that I now endorse. I am.

I will write more in the future and do an in depth look at Peerless Jazz
guitars (as they are about to take the US by storm). But for now,
suffice to say, they have been building guitars for 47 years, and know
how to do it right. Some of the best affordable archtop guitars coming
into the US under other companies names (Ibanez, Gretch, Epiphone) have
come from Peerless.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Peerless Guitars' History (from Peerless)

Peerless Guitars is a Korean company which was established in 1970 and
we have been manufacturing only guitar industry since then. In the early
stage of business, we used to produce 30,000 pieces of guitars per month
to satisfy buyers, but we limited the monthly production capacity to
ensure the enhanced quality.

Peerless is a specialty enterprise which has been making and exporting
over 3 million guitars forworld class brand such as Epiphone, Gretsch,
Washburn, Sigma, Ibanez, Alvarez and more else based on OEM contract.

We do buy every raw material by ourselves and we lumber, dry and keep
the wood materials in a specialized Peerless manufacturing process with
elaborate care. Furthermore, Peerless has manufactured Neck and Body
parts which help to make melodious Peerless guitar sound.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Next, I'll look more in depth at Peerless jazz models... the cost, features
and playability of each one and then I'll look at some of the other
guitars I found at NAMM.

You can find Peerless on the web at:


English site:


Doc Dosco is a jazz guitarist, composer and audio consultant living in Los Angeles, CA. His website is located at http://www.docdosco.com, where you can find more information on the 'What's Hot with Jazz Guitar' columns, audio clips of Doc's playing, and many additional features. Doc now endorses Peerless Guitars and is featured artist on the Heritage Guitars website. He also endorses the new Pignose Valve Tube Amps -- great for jazz (and anything else!)

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