Name that DEVO guitar

Any ideas? Or is it a one-off custom jobbie?

(I reckon the bass is a carved-up Gibson Ripper, btw)

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The neck and headstock looks like a Gibson EB3 or is it an EB0??
But it think it has 'Custom' written all over it.

I stumbled unexpectedly over this line in Wikipedia:

Jerry Casale can be seen using a modified Ripper in Devo's Satisfaction video

but the Ripper in the video looks less hacked:

The headstock does look very similar so maybe it was further modded (if I'm not mistaken, the lefty is playing with upside down GDAE strings - I hate that). Those hats in the pic were worn in the "Whip It" video (directed by Gerald V Casale, apparently) but Jerry ain't playing and the guitar used is different.

Yeah, but I was asking about the guitar, not the bass.

The neck (what you can see of it) looks Les Paulish, as do the pick ups and bridge. Maybe they had a deal with Gibson? I really don't know, but the axes (and the band ) are pretty weird.

Here's a little snippet of info on Devo guitars I got from the Devo FAQ ( )... may help with other models.

Devo Guitars and Basses

Devo had an effects box built for them called the "Devobox"; I'd appreciate any info on it...

- Bob 1 has used plenty of different guitars. These are the ones I can recognize:
- A "lobotomized" Hagstrom. You get a great view of it in the "Satisfaction" video.
He used an Ibanez Iceman in the live version of "Red Eye" on The Men Who Make The Music.
- Looks like a Fender Mustang in "The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize".

Jerry has used Steinberger and Gibson (or Epiphone?) 4-string bass guitars, in addition to numerous bass synths. The bass he plays in "Satisfaction" was a Ripper with the horns sawed off.

Mark plays a Fender Telecaster in the "Satisfaction" video. (Most of them don't require quite that much cable, though.)

Devo are magic. And you try telling kids today with their bloody Spice Girls.

I saw Devo last night at Shepherd's Bush. They were looking a bit older and greyer (and a little fatter in a couple of cases) than they are in the pic I posted at the top of this thread, but their playing was absolutely spot-on. Very entertaining and totally barmy.

They didn't have the strange-shaped guitar that I was so interested in either, so I couldn't get a close-up look. Guitars used were a Steinberger bass (strung right-handed but played left-handed), an Ibanez Talman electric, and a couple of early G&L guitars that sounded fantastic. (I say early G&L because they had a simpler headstock design - without the little pointy bit, if you know what I mean).

There was another bizarre carved-up looking guitar that was used on one song for a rather manic solo and then some mechanism was triggered to break all the strings. I didn't quite see how he did that.

Mark Mothersbaugh (the singer) also played guitar on "Satisfaction" - it was left-handed Strat (played right-handed) with effects pedals gaffer-taped to the body. Also, it seemed to have the 2 centre strings missing.

Bit of a trainspotter, aren't I?

We have closure!

(Well I do anyway. I don't think anyone else could care less.)

The Devo "Blue Potato" guitar is a custom-built Ibanez.

Cool, nice find.

Thats my gripe with you Brits. You get to see all these bands that wont ever be returning to Au.

From what I've heard, bands have to pay a lot of tax to play in Australia. I think that might be part of the problem.

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