I need the best guitar tuner for under 50bucks please help!

Hi all, haven't posted here in a long time, but I have a quick question. My tuner just died and I'm shopping around for a new one. I play in a band and record so a run of the mill tuner isn't going to cut it. I eventually need to get myself a strobostomp or something similar (with true bypass) but for now i need a fairly inexpensive but not garbage hand held tuner. Any advice/suggestions would be more than appreciated. Right now I'm leaning towards some of Boss's models. Thanks again.

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Hey, just a quick update, I saw that the Boss Tu 12 and Tu 15 are supposed to be very good tuners, anyone have any information on them at all?

It's clearly not under $50, but the Boss TU-2 pedal (with power adapter and parallel DC cord) is such a great piece of gear - I couldn't say enough good about it. If you need to, you can tune silently on stage between every song with the tap of a pedal. Don't waste your $ on an inferior tuner; the TU-2 is a worthwhile investment in gear that you won't regret.

hey thanks for the reply. Just a quick question..the TU-2 isn't true bypass right? Do u find that that alters your sound at all? or is it not really a problem? Thanks.

The pedal has 2 outs - line and bypass. I play a stratocaster with Duncan hotrails through a Marshall tube amp and have never noticed a difference in sound. Again, it's just so user-friendly and convenient - highly recommended.


I've been using an ARION HU-8500 for about 20 years now... Now I know where to lay the blame for my lack of fame, women and drugs.


Great piece of kit, still being made (just googled) and still cheap.

Hi Megadeth45
I agree with most on here that you can't go wrong with the Boss TU-2. Overall, it's a great tuner and it can do a lot more than you would think. For example, you can set it to a half-step or whole-step down when you down tune, which I'm assuming you do judging by your profile name ;)

Have you looked at the Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner? It's pretty decent. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the TU-2 has, but it's still pretty good, and a bit cheaper. I actually did a review of it here:


It sounds like you play a lot in dark-lit stage environments. The pedal is great for that, and it's also True Bypass which I know you were wondering about.

Also, if you're ever in a jam and have internet access, you can tune real quick at www.guitar2ner.com

Good luck man!

:shock: 19 months...that may well be a new bump record!

Welcome and thanks for your input though, good advice for anyone with the same problem.
...and of course I watched your video too :wink: , very comprehensive, nicely done.

We have put together a detailed guide on Acoustic Guitar Tuners

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