Dont get burned by Ed!

I purchaced a Baker from Ed Roman and it is NOT as HE said.
After receiveing I noticed something was not quite right.
It is CLEARLY!!!!! NOT!!!! MADE IN USA!!!!!
I have done some investigating and a few things I found are as follows which contradict the specs they show on Eds site.

They claim its a 25" scale which its actually a 24.625"
They claim it has a 7" deep set neck tenon, it has the standard Baker neck tenon which stops in the neck pickup route.
They claim it has Tone Pros, which it doesnt Tone Pros doesnt make non-locking hardware. The brand name under the bridge is SIC which probably means Samick and the saddles are very sloppy so you can feel them wobble rocking side to side just bending a string or picking.
Cheap nut with no lubrication properties such as the original Baker Delrin material as well as square and badly shaped
Tuners dont line up at all
No strap locks
Thick Polyester finish (yuk) in heavy gobs around any area where two pieces of wood meet such as neck joint, with plenty of glue stains in the raw wood that are clearly visible through the finish
Made in Korea Samick and not Japan as claimed
Korean pickups not Black back Seymours
Cheap truss rod design which allows the truss cover to flop around
Resin inlays not real shell materials
They claim quarter sawn lumber, this one has a badly skew sawn neck which leads to easy twisting (grain runs at a 45 degree angle), although the body on this one is quarter sawn which makes little difference to the body in terms of strength where it isnt needed

They claim solid carved maple top, its a veneered top about 3/16ths thick
Worst neck shape I ever felt, reeks of a bad shred neck wide flat and square not a good shred neck
Pickup rings are heavily bent over the top and not properly fit so the rings have major gaps between the top and bottom side of ring
Cheap foreign 5/16ths shaft pots and cheap toggle switch
Scarfed in 2 piece headstock and a 2 piece neck heel
Plenty of paint build up on the upper fret ends with lots of scratches visible, not the sign of quality fretwork
2 piece body with seem about 2" from the bass side of the body not on center
For a transparent finish there are large dings in the raw wood that were painted over and are very visible with heavy cross grain direction buffing marks
Cheap hard shell case that has no functioning neck support, a good whack in travel and the headstock would snap since the headstock rests on the case instead of floating for proper protection, plus the guitar swims in the case freely with no form fit body support to keep it held in place
Cheesy Luan Mahogany neck and body not a quality wood at all
I highly doubt with all the details they skimped on that they would include 18" graphite reinforcement rods which only a band saw would reveal the truth
They claim the Buzz Feiten retrofit needs to be done after an instrument settles, bullshit!!! Why does Anderson, Suhr, original Baker and many others come factory with the Buzz Feiten system already built in? I smell BS, also they are charging $250 for this option which all Bakers came stock with and they are charging almost double what Buzz Feiten has setup as the industry standard fee that any company can charge for this feature which is @ $135 and not $250
One of the only details they got right was the shape of the logo although it was placed incorrectly and not lined up where it was traditionally placed.
And last they destroyed many of the fine details that were signature to the original Baker design lines such as the truss cover, bull nosed headstock, tweaked body shape, natural flow of the carve top, inlays bastardized, lack of quality workmanship and much much more.

In summary what I gather is if your going to have imports made, have them made correctly since the labor is so cheap in Korea anyhow. How much more could many of these simple details cost in comparison to what they are currently making? If you compare this Korean Roman Baker to any Cort of similar likeness you can buy the Cort for around $400 verses Romans $1300+, Cort makes one that looks very similar to the Baker Robben Ford model which all in all is equal in quality or better than this POS Roman Baker. Roman is ordering these direct from Korea and distributing them himself therefore cutting out who would normally be the distributor/middle man, so in reality he is most likely buying these instruments for around $125 his cost and rapping the customer BLIND, can you say PROFIT MARGIN!!!. He has no advertising costs except his own website to promote and sell the model, a controlled price for what he buys meaning no employee or material variables and he is lying to the public and misrepresenting what is being sold. He claims Robben Ford plays a Baker, which is true, but Robben would never endorsee the product Ed sells as a Baker and Robben would never play this model guitar period. So if you want a real quality Baker make sure Gene is behind it and I suggest you seek out his new company Fine Tuned Instruments and boycott the Roman Bakers. Roman has always bashed foreign instruments and praised custom builders with quality designs. Then why bastardize and destroy what Gene and his crew gave birth to? Baker Guitars stood for quality and customer service which you wont get either of these from ER. Gene must be near ill from the abortion ER created. Can anyone say that any prior Baker endorsee has been seen or would be willing, to even be caught dead playing a Roman Baker? I smell lack of quality control in production and the lack of proper inspection once they hit Eds shop. Buy a Cort or other for these instruments wont hold a candle to the competition in their used resale status.

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