Hi everybody !!! Been a long time. My band has been very busy and I even got named to The Blues Hall Of Fame !!!!

Hope I am in the right place here. I have three Italia Modulo basses. They each have FOUR LIPSTICK PICKUPS !!! Very cool. However, they are very weak. The problem, as I see it, is that all four are wired to one volume and one tone control. I changed pots, not much help.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I may get some more output ? I wired one pickup to the Vol. pot. Only one string but about 3 or 4 more times louder than when all are wired. Could I solder two each to each pot, run them with no tone control and get more output ????

Help me out here, I an just a Blues Bass Player !!!! 8)

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Hi Jimmy,
Sorry I've been quiet this week. Cool indeed on both the Italia and the HoF entry; congrats 8)

Would it be possible (it would mean a slice putting in) to fit a Fender-style 5-way switch? That might help. I'll have to thunk a bit more. Meantime, take a look at for ideas.

Hey Oz !!

Good to hear from you man. First off , look up the Italia Modulo. You will find that each lipstick is mounted " the wrong way" !! One pickup for each string !!!! I will leave it at that point until you see what I am talking about.

Until then man ---------------- take care.
Jimmy 8)

:oops: , oh crikey, once I saw the pics on the web I remembered that weirdo. Sorry, as you've sussed, my previous post was total garbage.

Yes, I see the problem. One obvious solution, close to your previous, is to get a couple of concentric pots (250k/250k, log or audio taper) and wire up the four to these. You'd have individually adjustable vols and would have to forego tone control. I'll see if something else occurs to me.

Thanks man. I have them now wired two to each pot. I have no tone control but I don't really care about that. Still seems weak, better but weak. So you think four pots is the way to go ?

Thanks for the help with this beast !!!! :lol:

JLR 8)

A pair of concentrics gives you individual adjustment for each pup. Off the top of my head, I don't know if that also ups the output. If there's still a problem, I'd be tempted by a preamp booster (which would require a 9V battery). Is there space for this? If so, it'll solve the weak output at a stroke and the boards are pretty small these days.

Already thought of the pre amp thing , but I have no room I also know there are booster pedals and a zillion other offboard doo dads out there. I just wanted to do it as simple as possible

I will try the four pot idea. Let me know if you have any other brain storms Oz !!! :lol:


Jimmy 8)

I have the Maranello Z that has a Piezo in the bridge. The sound is outstanding. Big and open. The Modulo looks cool, but for sound I like the Italia Piezo's best.

Hello and welcome, Localized :) . I had the Graphtech piezo saddles fitted to my fretless Jazz; really adds another dimension. There is a thread here in the Bass category with a link to pics of the work and a thread in "clips and pics" with a link to some audiofiles, if they're of interest. I'd certainly like a listen/look to yours if you get a chance to upload.

Wire each set of two pickups

Wire each set of two pickups in series and combine on one pot and tone control

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