Gear Brag - What you got?

Thought this might be fun and bring in the lurkers:

What do you have that the firefighters would have to snap your charcoaled fingers to release when your house burnt down? Guitar, amp, cab, FX or signed photo from Britney - what'd it be?

For me, I'd leave the basses - nothing special. I'd drag my amps through the flames. WEM Dominator combo, 1969 Laney Head, but I'd die clutching my ~1976 CMI 100W Lead/Bass. One of Jim Marshall's alternate names he came up with. A reboxed MkI Super Lead/Bass and just the greatest single sound I know of. The Laney does more, and the WEM does quieter, but the CMI makes plain vanilla better than anybody else's Tutti Frutti.

So what's your must-save?

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Nothing special. I'ma two guitar guy. Crappy ass Fender Squire Strat with some upgrading ;) and an Ibanez 270 DX with a JB series HB in the neck position, and a Screamin' Deamon HB in the Bridge possition. I use Blue Steal Regulars, and Maroon Woven Cord to Connect it to my Flextone II Line 6 amp. Of Course I've got it all wired up to my 'puter so I can play with the tone using Sound Forge and mix my tracks Sonic Foundry Acid Music :) Like I said I just play for me... if I wuz in a band then I would have an Excuse to buy that new 300 Watt Line6 Head and 8 Speaker Cabnet I slobber over every Time I go to Dave Phillips Music and sound...

Gear? I've got 15 on my moutain bike, wahey!

I'd have to run in aget my signed photo of the late great Noel Redding, it say's 'to Lee, nice one, Noel Redding'. Im filling up thinking about it now, i always get choked up when i think about him and his tin of John Smiths, happy days, well actualy it fell off the wall a few months back and slipped behind my desk and a mountain of crap sitting on top of it, and i cant be arsed to look for it.

Lee, you crack me up :D . Atchly, while you're hunting through the underpants for Noel's mugshot, I'm the guy dragging your THD Bivalve past the firelighters through the back door...

I don't have much, just one guitar 3 pedals and an amp. But if I were to bring just ONE thing out through the fire, it'd be the guitar. Although it's rather bad and sucks quite a little bit, I still love it. Don't know what year its made, but its from the mid-sixties, from a company called Kimberly. And it fades from black on the edges to cherry transparent red both on the body and neck. And the pickguard is black with thing gold paisley. So beautiful.

TJH, the unused cogs in my brain made me think "Kimberly = Teisco" so I had a quick search. Sure enough. Best hit was our own SB's site. Perhaps SB will look in and elaborate.

Bass, we (me and my wingman bass guy Gary) recently had an amptone evening, this sounds real sad... and to be honest it was a bit flakey, but we managed to beg steal and borrow 5 amps and rented the Local scout hut (£10 a night, real bargain) we had a Hiwatt 100 custom, a Marshall 100 watt super lead, THD Bi-valve 30, Vox AC15, and a Seymour Duncan convertible 100watt combo, we cranked them all up, let them simmer for a little bit and then tested each one at highish volume, which one came out on top?? by far?? yep the THD, the tone was unbeliveable, there was a portrait of Baden Powell above the stage and i swear i saw a tear in his eye, may have been the leaky roof though..

dib dib dib :lol:

I'm not completely surprised, Lee. The Bivalve (I've never tried it) is one of my favourites in theory. But maybe Lord B-P had a tear in his eye hearing his hut's walls reverberate to "Bring Your Daughters to the Slaughter".

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