New guy saying whaddup

Just found this site and I'm pumped! It's like guitar heaven here!

Brief bio:

- live in Portland, ME
- playing for almost 7 years, only 1.5 years on lead, though
- am in a cover band: at the moment, looking to get the original project up and running again this summer
- i'm having a custom made Languedoc replica by the folks at Resurrection Guitar Co. ( Here are some pics:

Anybody ever dealt with these guys at Resurrection? Seem to be pretty legit guys, and the half-dozen folks I've spoken with who have also ordered through them have had all good things to say.

Hope to contribute to the forum!


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Hey Shakedown, welcome to the boards.

The guitars on Resurrection's site looks quite nice. Keep us updated on yours.

Thanks, and will do! Like I said, I'm psyched to be here! Hope to learn a lot from you guys and hopefully contribute some myself.

Hi Shakedown, looks like a very nice guitar, what kind of paint job is it going to have on it??

Here's what it'll look like finished:

She's all Koa on the front & back, with Mahogony sides, Piece Flame Maple / Rosewood Neck, Custom Rosewood Bridge, Mother-of-Pearl Vertical Inlays (not like the ones shown, mine will be vertical bars on the bass side of the fretboard), Corian Nut, Ebbony Fretboard, Chrome Schaller Tuners, Custom Rosewood Bridge, Custom Ebbony Trapieze Tailpiece, 24 frets, 2 Schaller Golden 50’s Pick-ups, 1 Volume / 1 Tone / 3-Way Switch w/ Series Parallel Switches. I am also having them install an effects loop bypass jack/switch so I can bypass the pedal board altogether.

PS - do you guys realize that I have to spell Ebbony and Trapieze wrong because these words are "forbidden" in this system? What's the deal w/ that?

Hello again Shake (did my welcome stuff on another thread) and glad to hear that you're stoked about this forum. I clicked on your link and liked what I heard.

As for your guitar, I'm not familiar with Resurrection, but everything I can see in the pics looks good. Mortice+tenon neck joints are not easy, but they have great advantages over the Fender bolt-on and Gibson set-neck designs. Your Schaller pups (underrated German gear) will be in full contact with both the body and the neck. Koa and mahogany are a good compliment with both woods giving a full, warm tone. I'd be tempted to up the switchgear so that single-coil could be selected as well as the series/parallel options and (given that the rosewood bridge isn't my favourite option) I'd be even more tempted by a Fishman under-saddle Piezo to give an acoustic flavour. Could be an "all the guitar you ever need" instrument. Can't fault any of the hardware choices.

The FX loop bypass switch is a new idea on me; how does that work? I'm just going to type "ebony" and "trapeze" to see if the forum stops me. It shouldn't do, unless our spam filter is blocking links to a pornsite featuring African-American naked gymnasts :shock: :?:

Im not easily impressed when it comes to other peoples Custom made guitars, and i tend not to comment, but yours is an absolute corker, a real beauty, i love the colour, shape, finish, hardware, im not too impressed with the shape of the headstock, but the rest of it is really nice.

Sorry 'bout the double posts.....and thanks for your opinions on the axe. I was, and to some extent still, very wary of spending such an amount of $$ for a guitar, but it's kind of like a "now or never" type situation. If I don't do this now, I'll probably never have the chance to do it again. So the due date is in about a month - I'll most def post pics/reviews once I've had a chance to play it.

Thanks again guys!

That is one hell of a neck tenon. Just like the old Gibson's. :D

Although Ed Roman can be irritating (for many reasons that lawyers might prefer me to leave unsaid), but I have no major differences with his opinions about 24-fret necks - as featured on this Resurrection - and thruneck or tenon neck construction:

Bass guitars have long been less conservatively made than 6-strings and I have a thruneck (birdseye koa top and back on a mahogany body, coincidentally) Jim Reed bass with sustain characteristics that don't come out of my more vanilla bolt-ons. The tenon neck is really a thruneck but without the icky cosmetic issues that would affect an archtop.

My only slight quibble with the Resurrection is that the pups appear to be designed to just hang over the neck wood when they could've been settled right in there. Rather than old Gibsons, the design is an improvement on the original PRS neck join. Santana's sustain is partly down to his guitar's design as well as the prodigious number of knobs and switches on a Mesa Boogie.

1bassleft wrote:

The FX loop bypass switch is a new idea on me; how does that work?

Whaddup bass,

Regarding the FX loop bypass, it's similar to having an A/B switch, I guess, except it's right onboard the guitar. This is a feature that Jerry Garcia used on his final 4 guitars (Rosebud, Tiger, Top Hat & Lightning Bolt), and though I don't know much about it, it was an easy add-on that I thought'd be cool to have. It just allows you to flick the switch and bypass your FX chain altogether. Now I've just gotta find a good "Y" cable....

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