New guy saying whaddup

Just found this site and I'm pumped! It's like guitar heaven here!

Brief bio:

- live in Portland, ME
- playing for almost 7 years, only 1.5 years on lead, though
- am in a cover band: at the moment, looking to get the original project up and running again this summer
- i'm having a custom made Languedoc replica by the folks at Resurrection Guitar Co. ( Here are some pics:

Anybody ever dealt with these guys at Resurrection? Seem to be pretty legit guys, and the half-dozen folks I've spoken with who have also ordered through them have had all good things to say.

Hope to contribute to the forum!


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Yes, the guitar is coming along nicely. I looked into the Keeley links because the 4-split wouldn't do it anyway because it only has one input. The Keeley Looper looks good and reasonably priced but it's the booster that's increasing your costs.

Go back to the Nobels site ( and have a look at the Master Series or perhaps even the SPX31 from the same range as the 4-split. The SPX31 has individual volume settings for loop A and loop B so I think it may solve your problem. Drop them an email to discuss it. I have the split and also the pre-C box from the range and they're solid metal construction, noise-free. Perfectly up to gigging and home studio.

Hey 1b

thanks for the info & heads up. Tried to email them w/ my question, but for some reason their "message center" wasn't allowing my question to go through on their website. Kept getting some weird error message written in German (which I can't read).

I'll try again later this week. Seems like it may be a good option.

Shake, I tried messaging them at the time I placed the post above. I also got snagged with (as far as my not great German allows) "there is a problem blah blah please try later"

Very, very annoying and they really ought to sort it instead of losing customers. A shame, because I like their products and the prices are reasonable.

Agreed, and thanks for the attempt & the heads up. I'll keep trying next week, I guess.

Hey, here's another question....

I am supposed to be making a decision for a decal to put on the headstock of my guitar, but I haven't come up w/ anything that I like yet. I figure for now I'll just leave it blank, but is this something I can maybe have done after the fact, if I find something that suits my taste later on? Thanks.

If your headstock face is laquered, then that does limit your options. An inkjet slide-on over the top of a lacquer looks pretty cheesy, although it's not a huge job to have the gloss sanded off, a logo plopped on and the face redone. If it's a natural finish, then there's no problem. If you're thinking of an inlay, it'd probably be best to have it done before everything's put together.

My guitarist chum built a guitar, his initials are AM. He made a very tasteful triangular "A" over the dip in a stylized "M" all in ebony on a maple pegface. A nice look. Or are you thinking of the maker's logo? If they do one, I'd consider going for it. Even if it is a fairly small luthiery, it gives the guitar more provenance than a blank headstock if you decide to sell it on. Even if you don't sell, it gets away from the "warmoth" DIY look.

This is all IMHO, and others here might have a different op.

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