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There's an Ashdown MAG300 head going for £140 in my local pawn-shop, all the reviews online (HS etc) seem postive and UK online prices seem to vary from £200-£300 new, very tempted. Anyone used one? Any ops? Would have to store until a decent cab offer came up but it'd be a start. (I've still never owned my own amp!)

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Tim, you could have a yak with Lee about the Ashdown head. When he did an excursion into bass, I suggested an Ashdown EVO head. Off the top of my head, I seem to remember I counselled that he go for the 500, which had a valve preamp section and the ability to blend solid state and valve. IIRC, the MAG300 lacks this feature. The valve/SS knob is a huge selling point, IMO, so check with him to see if my memory's functioning.

The Marshall Dynamic Bass System (or DBS) was a 90s version of this feature. The 200W and 400W versions were excellent bass amps and also worth considering. HST, £140 sounds like a reasonable selling price and you might be able to haggle a knockdown. Play it first, though. Ashdown's sub-harmonic thing may be great for you; or not.

Thanks, If I remember rightly the EVO costs quite a bit more (because of that valve I expect!) but I'll have a look.

Mostly at the minute it'll be used for practice so a combo might make sense. However, while the offer is there it seems worth getting something giggable, the price is key though.

I should really get round to trawling ebay etc

Recently completed auctions went for £120-135 plus £15 p+p so that shop price seems OK to me. You might get a bit of warranty (unlike Fleeb). The combo is much more expensive (ca £350) and, with 4x10", pretty unwieldy. I dislike combos. For practice, you could just use a 2x10" or 1x15" cab and use both cabs for gigs.

Thank's for checking that out, I just need to sort out a Paypal thingy then I'm finally up and running with Ebay!

What you say about the stack makes sense, the combo I use at the moment is a nightmare to move anywhere considering its only 150w and 1x15

I was just going to say, the combo alternative that might be more affordable is Marshall's Bass State B150. If anything like the DBS (and it is) then it should be a good combo. I saw this one:

but then you had to mention your sudden aversion to 150W, 1x15" combos... :lol:


I was just acknowledging the point about suiting cab to purpose rather than denouncing all amps of this format (just the Peavey POS150!)
The number of times I've dragged it's leaden ass up a couple of flights of stairs only to be drowned out by a flinkin 50w guitar amp and ended up playing through the PA anyway. I think it's the heaviest monitor (fallback) I've ever used!

These one valve jobbies sound interesting, I know you've always sung their praises. Chances are the Ashdown will be around for a while (I've been watching two basses in the same shop, one of them for over a year, still haven't sold, still haven't come down in price!) so I'll have a snoop around.

Thanks again

:) , on another forum, I described my tone through that Peavey (used one in a rehearsal room) as "sounding exactly like going up an iron-rung ladder in workboots"

Somebody else on thread appreciated the simile. I know my playing style was a bit ham-fisted back then, but it had a real "clink clank clonk clunk" sound. The Marshall DBS was heaps better, not just with the valve dialled in, but even fully over to the SS side. If the B150 is likewise, then I wouldn't object to playing through it. You're right about lugging those things, though. I'd rather hump a head and a 2x10"

I don't know about that specific model, but I've had an Ashdown Bass Head for 5 years now and it's been nothing but great for me. I'd say go for it!

Hey Andy,

I think I've missed it now but still definitely looking at getting an Ashdown when I do get an amp (full bass re-fit comes first at the mo!)

Out of interest; which model do you have? What do you play?
I play mainly rock and blues on a passive 4-string, although I want something that sounds good with a low-B (to make it future-proof...)

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