Pickups Popping

I have a Squier Strat that pops when I play it on a clean channel. Seems to be static electricity maybe? I have stock pickups, would I see a huge difference in sound if I upgrade and would the popping stop (its kinda embarrasing)
Thanks :oops:

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Scotty, I don't think it's the pups giving you the popping. I might suspect the guitar's jack socket, except you say that it only appears on the clean channel. If so, it sounds like the amp. It could be that you have a loose input socket on your amplifier. Come back to us with a little more info (make and model of amp etc) to narrow things down.

In the meantime, if you notice that your input jack on the amp is loose and wobbly, then this needs tightening. Your jack socket has a "hot" signal and the earth or ground. Loose fitments can cause popping and, if not sorted, a shorting of the circuit that doesn't do your amp any favours.

Not the amp- I have an Ibanez RG120 that sounds great and has no popping at all. The poping only occurs when I hit the strings!!

I wonder if this is another case of bad-earthing and/or loose input jack connection on the guitar. I talked about this on a thread in the bass category about a Rogue bass. The lead from your guitar has a "hot" tip and "ground" sleeve. Often, with guitars from the cheaper countries, either the jack loses its elasticity or the wiring gets brittle and connects poorly with the socket and/or the ground that is usually fed through the wood to underneath the bridge. Might be worth having a solder monkey take the pickguard off and have look. Easy fix, if it is the problem. More likely than badly potted pups, I'd've thought.

It sounds like static buildup on the pickguard. Try rubbing a dryer sheet on the pickguard especially around the pickups. I am being serious so don laugh it really works.

Static buildup? next you will be suggesting that the guy earths his nylon carpet with a brandenburg probe. :lol:

lee_UK wrote:
Static buildup? next you will be suggesting that the guy earths his nylon carpet with a brandenburg probe. :lol:

Hey, whatever gets you through the day! :wink:

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