Be so kind as to evaluate my guitar playing and band, please

Thanks to anyone for their criticism.

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I'd listen to more, but the vocals man. I can't comprehend them. Which is a problem with the recording, not the singer.

Liked the shift at around 1:36. Let us hear some more.

thanks for listening, I appreciate it

we're from Canada, maybe it's our accents?

haha nah not the accents. With the levels the instruments were at, I could just not distinguish what was actually being said.

Unlike Mike, I didn't go for the move to 12-bar after the 90 seconds. Seemed like a drop in, wasn't particularly smoothly done, I don't think it adds anything other than seconds to the song. The main instrumental theme is fairly interesting; classic rock style but also poppy/bouncy. What I think you need to do is spend some time on what I call "quality control".

Gettin an initial riff you're happy with is relatively easy but building that up into a whole song is the tricky bit. By going for a 12-bar, followed by the main riff with guitar soloing, you've really gone for the easiest options. After a while, when you've listened to the song again and again and again, you'll hopefully want to make some improvements. I always work on the basis of listening to your own recordings at least a dozen times. If something starts to annoy you, then you can be sure that it annoyed the neutral listener the 1st or 2nd time they heard it.

Your drummer's very capable, BTW. Perhaps just a little too high in the mix if he's going to hit that many skins a second :D . Nothing wrong with that many rolls and fills, just needs to be pulled back a bit in volume or it dominates everything.

Each one of our compositions are completey different, and it's a shame that there's only one thats well recorded enough to be posted at the moment.

I don't like to repeat sections of songs alot, although I know this is necessary sometimes. When we decided to record this, we picked something that would be simple, catchy, and yet showcase some diversity and musical talent as well.

And keep in mind, it was written back when I was 15, one of the first sets of riffs I ever came up with.

But thanks alot for listening and replying, I appreciate it greatly, and have noted everything said.

i like the bass run down at 30 secs, i like the song up til the 12 bar, like bass said the 12 bar change wasn't done very well, i like the classic rock style before that change, keep that drummer he's excellent and i think the solo on the end was pretty poor, not very well thought out and not very well played, think up of a snappier solo, the song deserves it.
but if you played in the style of the first 1 1/2 minutes on a complete CD i would buy it.
Lets hear some more.

Could you be more specific as to what was wrong with the solo?

Now I'm worried.

:lol: , that's Lee. He divides his time between Guitarsite and the diplomatic corps. It's not that you're lacking in technical ability, it's just that (and this is IMO, not Lee's) modern guitar solo playing is in "less is more" mode. I haven't heard a solo go on looping like that for some time, as far as recordings go.

I did look through your site pretty thoroughly and I am taking your total age into account. If I seem a little harsh, it's so that you learn quickly enough to still be viable. By the time I got the idea of really perfecting songs, I was already into comfy slippers and attending more friend's funerals than weddings...

I appreciate that recording lots of songs is expensive (although my bands have sometimes booked a coupla days and dumped up to six tracks semi-live with just vocal overdubs. Engineers hate it but it's doable if you're tight). But you miss the point. It's not about having lots of different songs that demonstrate various styles etc - that just makes you look a bit schizo. Each individual song should be designed to be interesting for the whole 3-4 minutes that it plays for. That's all you'll get from an AOR person's attention span, and a fair proportion of a live audience, too. Your song is promising for the first 90 secs, but I think it deserves some thought into how it can be better developed.

As a bass player, I was interested in the very individual tone your 4-stringer has. Distinctive, and rather pleasant. What gear/playing style does he use?

I'm taking another listen. This after 90 seconds part has ME worried that I liked it.


Nah I still stand by my first response. The transition could be better... but in terms of the actual artistic value, I like it.

I completely understand what you're saying, and I respect your opinion.
The blues section of this song has been very, very controversial with whomever has heard it. It seems people either love it or hate it. I don't have a songwriting formula, and this is really the only song I've written structured in this way. It definately doesn't build dynamically the way some of the others do, but thats part of the peculiarity of this song. In regard to the flow of the song, keep in mind it's title.

Our bassplayer uses an Epiphone Viola bass which was DI'd on this recording. He played fingerstyle and his influences are Jack Bruce, John Paul Jones and John Entwistle.

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