Be so kind as to evaluate my guitar playing and band, please

Thanks to anyone for their criticism.

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In parts it's a great song, most people on this forum would admit they cant write for toffee, you have a talent for it, and that 12-bar still doesn't fit, and the solo is a bit naff, slow it down, leave some space and think about how the solo should fit, try to make parts of it a bit more melodic, give it some structure.
But i like the song, well done.

Yeah, I'd still like to hear some more AV.

Me too and, now you mention it, the Hofner 500/1 sound is making me kick myself. I used one for a while, and that Epiphone is a very good clone of it, given the huge price difference. Being a lefty, I ought to get one and audition for a tribute band (as long as I don't have to play that ghastly new song Macca is promoting).

Straight up, keep us posted with any new material etc.

Macca, why can't he just put up with playing Bass, he is such a great bass player, he brought lefties into the 'Normal' world, we all now accept them as almost equals, why cant he just be pleased with that?? why does he insist on trying to get us to accept Mandolin players too? it just wont work.

I've posted a guitar instrumental piece which you may find interesting.[/url]

Flamenco style?? im not really qualified to comment on it, it sounds OK to me, it's not really anything i would put on my turntable, are you primarily a flamenco style player turning your style to classic rock? Listening to the song again another thing has struck me, the band although play technically quite well don't play that tight together, have you been together long? and do you all rehearse much? you obviously get tighter the more you play, i still like the first 90 secs of the rock number, ditch the second half.
Great Bass tone.

I'm going to assume when saying we're not tight, you're talking about the middle section of the flamenco song? well, that was just me overdubbed a couple times. The main body was done as one take, without a metronome, and I had to over dub the chords and that harmony line by ear.

Oh, I liked that piece quite a lot. There's a bit at the end where the recording loses clarity and even distorts a bit but 90+% of it is finger-pickin' good.

Thanks. It was played on a $70 acoustic from a goodwill store, by the way.

:) , if you don't mind me saying, I could tell that. I didn't comment because the playing is more important than the gear. If you haven't done so, go to the "acoustic" category and listen to some of the clips "acoustica1" has put up using his Lakeland. Gorgeous tone that makes his clip on a Takemine sound cheap. Unfortunately for all of us, money shows when it comes to acoustics.

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