which amp for thick tone?

im wondering what your opinion is on which amp is superior for the thickest richest tone. ive narrowed my search down to the mesa dual rectifier 3 channel or the new jsx from peavey. i play a gibson les paul(thickest tone) and play rock music



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Thickness really is an opinion. In my opinion, there are guitars that will put out a thicker sound than a Les Paul, an Explorer being one of them. As far as amps go, putting tone and dynamics aside, I would say a Mesa Boogie Mark IV can really get thick.

can't go past the mesa rectifier, don't skimp on the cab though, get a mesa

If your on a budget, then the MArshall TSL range are awesome as are the AVT range. So many amps are versatlile these days that the only true way is to take your favourite axe to your local shops and plug in to as many amps within your price range! A good clean sound such as a Vox AC30 or Marshall Bluesbeaker makes for a great clean canvas and you can then add a disortion pedal to 'colour' your sound. I use a BB amp with a marshall Jackhammer pedal playing with a Gibo LP deluxe-this is the best sound i have ever had!

I know this may sound strange but try a Peavey Mark III 1978 bass Head * if you can Find one they surface once in a while at second hand music stores combined with a Tech 21 Sans Amp GT2 and a Peavey 18 20 1x15 2x10
cab the 15 inch gives you wicked low rythum and the 10's handle the mid to highs and the Sans Amp gives you Mesa or marshal tone plus youve got three E Q's on the head and a low & high on the GT2 it took me a week to tweek the head but it's not as complicated as it sounds if you ever find one I'll e-mail you the settings I use for both Channels good luck in your search..
Jay Toronto

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