Bass tuition

Saw an ad for a Bass guitar set, you know guitar, amp, case, pick etc, also with this one comes a DVD described below:

* Jools Holland Bass Guitar Tuition DVD - Bass guitar tuition material to help you get started. Covers all the basics as well as a little bit more.

Jools Holland? Bass? uh? Covers all the basics as well as a little bit more? whats that then? how to look like a complete twat in a hat?

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Auction comes with a "quick, press the shutter while I look like a complete idiot" picture:

Look who's peeping through between the cheap LH Strat copy and the cheaper LP copy... you just cant suppress him, scalloped fretboard my arse.

Great hair extensions, though. Can't even see the joins. In decades to come; it'll somehow give him credibility. Ok, I give in. Who is the blerk in the poster? :oops:

The guy from that band that was like the Vines but sounded more like Snow Patrol, but had obviously been influenced by Razorlight and fashionably by Kaiser Chiefs. Or Kaiser Chefs.


Maybe he just hurt his neck, i does happen you know, why can't we just show the guy a little love? anybody remember love and understanding?
As for the hair extended arsehole in the poster.. :shock:

lee_UK wrote:
hair extended arsehole

I wish I didn't have such a vivid (and literal) imagination...

Thats why they invited me in 'LAND' , the greatest most forward thinking rock trio in Essex. :D

Among many things I'd prefer to forget about Yngiewingie Malmsteen, his hair-extended arsehole now has to be added to the list. Thanks guys; this is exactly what I joined Guitarsite for :lol:

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