Trying to make it sound a bit better than it actually is..

Bass had a thread called optimistic ebayers or something like that, i tried to find it but it seems to be buried further in the mists of time than Haircut 100's chunky knit sweaters.

look at the description on this, theres a whopper in every line..

The poor sod who won the auction didn't want it, wonder why?

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Ugh, you should have let sleeping bass players lie Myfoot.
you are only going to encourage him to wake up and start posting again!!

1b was unfortunately suffering some login in troubles.

I did make some upgrades the other day to this board, but I did not find any issues testing or have any other reports. It could be related so i'm waiting to here back from 1bass.

That dodgy copy of Windows XP with a product key that has had more abuse than Elton Johns wig has come back to haunt him, again.

It all boils down to his use of AOL I rekon. You hear that 1b, you hear that

I think he's probably having trouble logging onto his neighbours wireless hub, i bet the poor sod has finally worked out where all his bandwidth has been going, AOL is just a smokescreen. :lol:


His neighbour always swore that he never downloaded the entire Hawkwind discography, but the RIAA would have none of it. Now we have an answer.

Hey, What does A.O.L stand for in the UK?

Always Off Line?

:lol: oh, too easy.

For once, I can't blame ArsehOLes for my probs; no trouble with PlexiPalace posts. I think Mike's installation of "valvenerdboreblocker" temporarily silenced me. I actually bid on one of those "valve Sound City" cheapies once. Quickly realized it was a transistor, East German, yukky and managed to pull out of the deal. Close shave.

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