Been playing for a few months now...

I have learned a number of riffs, but I would like someone to suggest some great riffs for begginers. I would also love it if someone would direct me with a few songs to learn from simple and move on to a bit more difficult each time.

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Hi Latkingz, and welcome :)

There is a thread here - - of favourite bass riffs posted up by contributors to this category linked to YouTube vids. About 25% of the links have been removed for breaking copyright (mostly my links, for some reason) but they give a good idea.

The main thing is, yes, a lot of them are difficult to play or just downright subtle but they connect with the earoles of other bass players. No-one remembers EEEEE-DDDD-AAAA (unless you're a Green Day fan) so root notes are a good starting point, but hopefully you move on. What bass playing stands out for you? It doesn't have to be all that technically difficult; just a riff that catches your ear. Aiming to do the same thing moves the bass player out of the shadows and into the central part of the band. I've never been in a successful band (like a lot of people, unfortunately), but I've always been a successful part of the bands that I've been in because I cared about doing what I did; better. From the sounds of your post, you think the same way - which makes you a more promising player than most others out there.

Couldn't agree more (apart from the 5 Es..?) The fact you're choosing bass as opposed to 'easy-guitar' speaks volumes.

Advice: listen to the timing of every song you listen to, and not just the kick ('though thats the backbone) listen to the snare and the 'hat if you can lock in with them, even with root notes, you'll be doing well, basically remember you're rythmn section.

Song-wise, again have to agree with 1bl, you'll find that most of the basslines singled out aren't the complex 'widdly' ones as they tend to suck anyway. Generally, timing and bridging the gap between Drums and guitar are the most common features.

When you get in a band watch your drummer make eye-contact with him, you'll start to work as a unit, sounds weird but it works, you learn that a nod from him means a suspended note or an emphasised note or whatever...all of a sudden your band sounds good! Guitarist gets all the credit, obviously :lol:

Yep, doing 5/4 in the first bar would be pretty memorable for everyone. My overpressing to blame :oops:

well, :roll: one of the easiest songs to play on bass in my experience is Fall Out Boy's "Dance, Dance." it sounds pretty wussy, i know, but it really is very simple. most of it is just the same thing over and over. hope that helps! :D

Funnelly nuff, Buzzted, I was noodling through youtube and popped up a Killing Joke song I liked in the 80s:

It reminds me of how I used to "teach" mates bass when I wasn't qualified to do so (still aint :) ). Get a nice rhythm going, something really interesting, with the plucking/picking hand and, at least to start, keep the fretting note changes simple. Then add little runs to it to build up the interest. Notice how Love Like Blood isn't asking an awful lot of technique, but that brilliant rhythm dominates the entire song and - pardon pun - calls the tune?

nice, nice, nice. the bass does indeed come out as the top performer in what is a pretty decent song in all aspects.

Not a huge fan but yeah, the bass is certainly the stong point.

Last night I finally (20 years after everyone else) watched Reservoir Dogs, so tonight I'm learning "Little Green Bag" great bassline, simple but will get your timing nailed and you have to work across the neck, something I didn't do for way to long hence still finding this a bitch at times!

EDIT: Listen to the track as the tab isn't representative of the timing, for example the last section isn't 14 beats! there's some ghosts etc in there...

EDIT 2: This is the main riff/cool bit, nobody seems to tab the rest!

1bassleft wrote:
No-one remembers EEEEE-DDDD-AAAA (unless you're a Green Day fan)

I think you'll agree this, among many other GD tracks, doesn't go 'EEEEE-DDD-AAA' on the bass! :)

Fair point, Goddzi and (as well as Longview) Mike Dirnt does play some nice lines. First time I noticed GD, the little flicks on Basket Case got my attention. At the time of writing, I was thinking of Holiday and Boulevard, neither of which took me a lot of effort to show kids how to play them. Mike's no eedjit on the 4-string, though; I'll happily admit.

Ya got me with Boulevard, it is kinda root-note central! LOL
Although the progression at the end, albeit slightly Pink Floyd circa The Wall, is very sweet.


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