@1bassleft started project

THis thing is huge compared to my tweed clone.

Got the trannys and choke ,sockets and circuit board supports in last night . Tonight I want to get started on wiring the heaters and depending on how anal I am with how it looks , go from there :P

Edit: day 2

Got to here before I called it a night..I was supposed to be doing this with my son but he's out sowing oats so I keep chipping away at it :P

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I´m on hols in a caff so apols if my replies have a timelag. Nice chassis, is it brushed aluminium? The transformers look the part and it has the potential to be a tasty looker. Is it a turret-board construction and how much of the kit is supplied - do you have to source caps etc yourself?

It's supposed to be all included altho last night I was getting the parts for the turret board set up on a piece of styrofoam to make sure everything was there and I couldn't find 2 820 ohm resistors . But it was late and I was tired so will check again this morning. I'll probably try to source locally if not just so I don't have to wait . It's coming along nicely .
I have to run the buss wire on the back of the pots and then get the turret board done . I don't know if you can tell but I left the 220 and 240 taps to full length in case it ever makes it's way over your way :P

I'm waiting for a few resistors; some I broke :oops: some missing. George was great; he got them in the mail right away and apologized for the mistake. Should get it done tomorrow. I hope. 6 resistors and a bias pot; ought to be a able to handle that . Hope your Holiday is going well ... myfoot

Sunning nicely, few temptations to sit in a caff in front of a PC I´m afraid. I shall be more communicative in a coupla weeks :)

How's the JTM coming along. Does the speaker cab thread of yours indicate that this one is ready to fire up soon? What valves will you go for?

Yep it's been done for a while now. Here's the front view

and here's the back.. Valve Art KT66 tubes

:shock: , 8)

That looks totally impressive. Where did you get the casing from? Amazing to get the lot all sorted in one month or less. Good choice on the Valve Art KT66s; I gather they are very good sounding glass. I've tried to get GECs in the past but they either go for majorly silly money or, worse still, there are a huge number of shifty gits selling near-dead GECs. All the tricks; turning them round so the side with the acceptable-looking flashing is facing the camera etc. Mullard EL34s on Fleeb are bad enough but the GEC Katies I just don't bother with now because of the fleecers.

Thanks . Everything came in the kit including the case. I think the search for nos is probably best done off fleabay. I think your friend Terry is still selliing high quality stuff.

Terry does indeed, and I've done my little bit to help source old-stock glass for him (in return, he put together the 5F1 and 5E3 for me). Still, we have both had an absolute bummer of a time getting KT66s, Fleeb or otherwise. When GECs fetch minimum £30ea if not actually broken into small pieces, there are a lot of unscrupulous types out there. Terry is much more inclined to screen and sell the Chinese KT66, which is now a very decent tube.

It's getting nearly as bad with Mullard EL34s these days. I know my Mulls, but "catch my good side" photos etc are becoming more prevalent. I seldom chase them up these days and, again, the Chinese are producing better replacements recently.

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