The Cure concert

I saw the Cure last night in Brisbane. 3 hour set, guys have a lot of fricken go still left in em.

No cameras were allowed so I had to contend with my cam phone...

Here's a dodgy 2 min video:

and just some nice sounds:

Hey 1b, Tim, what's your opinion on Simon Gallup? Damn he's a lot of fun to watch.

Jason Cooper -- great drummer.

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My mate Paul the drummer in LAND, he loves The Cure, he has had a long and varied career he was an extra in Ridley Scotts 'Apple Mac 1984' advert, when you see the closeups of the guys marching, Paul is the one after the guy in the mask and before the guy in the glasses, he was the only one who already had a shaved head, anyway, he also did stage security in the Reading festival 1978 and 1979, he told me he ran the stage, and The Cure were on one of those years and they blew him away, big fan ever since.

Just thought i'd mention it.

Please tell me Paul is still using the fact he was in a 1984 Mac commercial to his advantage when trying to pick up chicks?

I love those six-string bass lead lines.

(I suppose these days you have to call it a baritone guitar to distinguish it from a "real" six string bass).

Michael wrote:
Please tell me Paul is still using the fact he was in a 1984 Mac commercial to his advantage when trying to pick up chicks?

He did have a good chat with Ridley, he said he was a very nice fella, which coming from Paul is a compliment, more impressive to me is the fact he was there (Reading 1978) when The Jam first played a volley of songs from there new yet to be released album 'All mod cons' imagine being 10ft away from Paul Weller as he first sang 'Down in the tube staion at midnight' !!

Smith's a big girl's blouse. I hate his moaning voice.

I dont like them much either, but Morrisey is a moaner too, sometimes moaners have something to say.

People keep telling me I should like The Cure (I mope about like a Goth have very so called 'Goth' views and mainly wear black) but I just don't, they sound too 80's for me...during the 80's (bearing in mind I was only born in '81) I was strictly pirated G'n'R, my sister's Anthrax, Slayer, Iron Maiden and my Dad's Led Zep, Beatles, Sabbath, Stones and Dylan. I never understood the whole moany sulky guy thing (until Nirvana!)...and don't get me started on Morrisey, only way to cure an ego like that is a head amputation.

EDITED: now sober

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