Is a bow at acoustic guitar bridge normal wear?

I bought this cheapo Yamaha acoustic ( about 5 months ago. It seems like the action was getting higher, so I took a straight edge to it this morning, and there is a noticeable bow in the top. The closer I went to the bridge saddle, the worse it got. Is this normal wear, and I should take it in to have the saddle shaved? Or do you think its not worth it.
Also, what strings would you recommend? I have Martin lights on it now, but I've been getting a high "twang" out of the first string (the strings are new).....Thanks for looking.

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Heavier string gauges can cause this, i have 2 Gibsons and they both bowed forward a little in the first year, im guessing its normal, ive seen it on a lot of guitars.

Hmm. Sounds like you bought a bad apple. You should get it sorted by a pro. Go and and see a regular gigging band and ask their guitarist after the show for a doctor near you.
Good luck.

If its not bowing much, i would say it is normal and you haven't bought a pup.
I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I checked the guitar back, and its bowed about the same as the front. I think I have a high humidity problem. I read somewhere else the swelling should go down when winter comes. Any truth to this?
I was going to toss a few of those silica packs (like you find in medicine bottles/shoe boxes) in the sound hole. Think that might help?.........Thanks for all your responses earlier.

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