Hello lads. How's life?

I've not posted for a few months. Was too sober.

How's it hanging?

I sold my Guitar Port to my fekkin teenage neighbour for 40€. Jeesus. I was almost going to pay him that for taking it. Not cos he's cräp, well he is, bur cos it's given me so many more enjoyable hours in bed. SLEEPING. Ahh.

So, I don't normally get excited by sports, but tomorrow is MAN CITY v man utd. Guess you can see which one I like.

THOMANN IST ARSCH. They're sending me a bill continuously for 44.65€ the twäts. I've been in touch with their bookkeeping but no reply. AND they won't accept my brokem Millenium HP1 headphone amp back. German cünts.

But apart from that GUITAR RIG 2 is still magnificent. And so am I. Cheers lads


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I get on great with my Guitar port, i don't use it for recording though, i just rehearse my songs through it, also have a Pandora PX4 which again i just use for rehearsing, but i like Guitar port.

Good to see you off the sobriety, Lou :)

Especially after City beat United 1-0 , don't suppose we will see him back for a few days.

Hello mates. Whoa, fell off the wagon a few nights ago on here. City won thankfully. Jesus, utd should have won that, but who cares.

I've just been asked today to do some mad gig for the town I live in here. Basically I'm gonna get 3 grand for doing a Shane McGowan impression for 15 minutes. Shouldn't be that hard, obviously.
Your LouEEES

:lol: , but the teatray will give you an even bigger headache and the dentist´s bill will eat into the appearance money:)

Guitar Port is a great piece of kit (careful how I spell that) but it's a destructive take, innit. I learnt that term on Cakewalk's message board. It means the way it sounds when it goes in is, well, it. The guitar rig thing lets you change amps and effects even after the dirty deed. Hooray.

The only mither I have about guitar port is that it assumes you're using IT as the primary in. It changes all your input defaults to IT. Well, it does in fekkin Sonar anyway.

Sounds mega otherwise.

I'm playing bass with a band every other now and then at my mate Hannu's place. He's got himself those Roland drums so we all play on headphones. Funny. We're all in our, err, later years and have no musical tastes in common. Which is funny. Drummer wants to do Steely Dan, Guitar 1 likes ACDC, Guitar 2 likes Abba (honest! - so do I but that's just impossible to play - too good) and I like Ramones. So anyway. The guitar boys have a Strat + POD XT and a VOX Tonelab + Les Paul. I nearly got myself a Tonelab, but it sounds crap. Anyone on this board have one of them?

Well, anyway. We play Velvet Underground numbers, cos I'm the singer! Haha!

Lads, here's a great mp3 find-all site:


Check it out for Fall, Iggy and Pogues' songs if you're in the mood. You can also upload pics and stuff on that site. Very cool.

Your Louis

Do you need the Loo?

OK. I plugged it tonight already. Have a great weekend. Watch City go to 12 points at the top of the Prem tomorrow (I wish..)

I have a Tonelab and it sounds fantastic, its the big floor effects with the 2 expression pedals, i play it live and love it. I plug it into the front of my my Hiwatt DR103 100watt original 1973 head (Anyone care to slate that too!!) and a 2x12 cab with 2 Vintage 30's, and im very pleased, ive struggled with live tone for a while and then along came the Tonelab, i dont use amp sims on it, just effects.

Sounds like a conspiracy. :cry:

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