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Guys, in a rash and split second decision (on a Friday afternoon after mass consumption of poorly made pizza) we've come up with this idea for visitors to tell us what they don't like and what they think is shit on the site (not just forums) -- and we'll drop it.

Don't say ads ( cause they gotta stay for obvious reasons :) ) but we are happy to ditch anything else pissing you off.

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Brent (The Office) Avatars. :D

I was sure this would be a reference to my posts last weekend..

The sweary edit is a bit annoying. I can barely remember how to type the umlauts to disguise bad words when I'm drunk.

Lou, you're too sensitive :) We're all big boys here, although mods might have to take into account that young guitarists might look in and their mum's smack their botties for inadvertantly discovering old Anglo-Saxon terms.

I'm sure Mike is referring to stuff, rather than posts and contributions. For me, I really dislike those times when my mouse hovers over the word "guitar" or "amp" and a load of unwanted verbiage flickers into view.

The only kind of actual post that makes me reach for the twelve bore (apart from "Britney naked" guff that Mike's pretty much eradicated) is this type:

1Poster: I've nicked, oops, found, an acoustic guitar with a label that says "Julio Guevara, La Paz" - what's it worth?

1BL, or Lee, or Acoustica1: Found the info, on Google, and translated the Spanish. It was made in 1985 and originally sold for $250. Expect to get about $150 on eBay and here's a link;

1Poster: Total silence, not even a thanks, never heard of again

Nah Lou. Nothing worse than you hear in a pub on a Friday night. If anyone does have a problem, they are welcome to discuss such matters with me in private, but I have not received anything.

You can't touch the avatar, Lee.

I may be able to assist you 1b.

Mike, you've found a way to get rid of "what's my nicked guitar worth?" posts? :lol: Good on yer, mate. If it's the hover-ups you're offering to help me with, they seem to have vanished: thanks anyway. I'm back in Blighty, BTW

How Much Is My Guitar Worth --- it even torments me in my sleep.

I should be sleeping myself. But, having been away from a PC this long, I've checked in to see if an "acoustic in my loft" poster has appeared. Water torture.;

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