Competition Time.

Compo time.
See who can spot the most number of issues/problems/mistakes or reasons not to shell out £35 BIN price for it.
Prizes will be awarded by Mike..

Happy hunting...

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Ive got 23 so far (faults or missing bits) , but then i only spent 2 mins searching.

I owned one in sunburst...reason enough never to buy another!

Still on the obvious at the minute (earthing, machine heads etc...hmm 23...)

I'm at around 18, but I'm not duplicating (i.e., two missing machine heads only count as one fault, as with missing screws).

If 3 screws are missing then thats 3 reasons not to buy it, every screw, machine head has it's own count.
Is 'plywood' body a reason for not buying it? umm, i think so, make my count 24!! :lol:

ah, I'm well into the twenties then. Like your "plywood" thang, I did count that awful, strange variety of eastern Beech used as neckwood by Kay et al in the 70s reason enough. I take it you noticed the DIY scalloping of said body around the butt end? Sniff, sniff, what's that burning smell?

There is only one problem with that guitar, which is that it isn't on fire.

Well done glw, thats 25 ive got, do you think it's a 'real' Kay?? i think its a Kay copy.. scuse me while i pee myself laughing (ive just clocked the missing bridge, thats 26!!), but are you seriously suggesting that this pile of poo was actually made by human beings and sold in Woolies? under a real brand name?
That body looks like it used to be grannies sideboard.
The tuners/machine head came off of his younger brothers nylon acoustic.
It has to be a Heath Robinson, or at best, a CSE woodwork project.

lee_UK wrote:
It has to be a Heath Robinson, or at best, a CSE woodwork project.

Plywood for a school project?! you'd fail. Even my crappy 6th-form bass started live as a semi-decent chunk of timber. It has to be mass-produced, aimed at ripping off people who can't play but have fallen for the 'rock' aesthetic. Shame, these things could put you off for life!

A GCSE kid ignored my advice and used pine - knots and all - for his project. But then, he did fail. No, I'm sure this is a Woolworths special and likely a Kay. That neck wood gives it away and I once stripped a 70s Satellite and, in the bare, they really do look that bad. Apols for erroneously suspecting some butt-scalloping. It's just a nasty run of the Ronseal around the exposed ply end.

Is it me, but I cannot believe that the neckplate on that thing is designed to be there.

Ronseal!! thats 27 :lol:

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