Quote competition " "

Who said:

" More is more, less is less, the idea that less is more is illogical "

Mike again will be giving out the prizes!!!

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It's not LAND, (thats my band) and we are the greatest band in the world.
ummm, The Stones come a bit behind us, maybe it was them?

Nope, try again. This band started in the 60's however, under the name "The Warlocks"

Something to do with "change a lightbulb" gags, but Grateful Dead is ringing a bell. Even so, I have no idea who said what, even if I am right about the band.

You, sir, are correct.

And the quotes came from a.) Bill Graham, and b.) Jerry Garcia (the phonebook quote...a great quote, btw)

I figured the 2nd quote might be Garcia (mostly because I'm not over-familiar with G-D) but, :lol: , you threw me for a minute on the first quote.

The idea that Bill Graham would take time out of evangelical God-bothering in order to eulogise the band struck me as weird. Then I realized; Bill Graham the promoter (who handled the Philadelphia side of Live Aid, IIRC) - not Billy Graham :oops:

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