Guitar Valuation Help: Washburn RS-8V

Hi everyone. Sorry to be asking a question as my first post but I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I don't play guitar, but was left a dusty Washburn RS-8V custom about 7 years ago. It looks exactly like this, but in pearl white, and the pickups don't have any logos on them:

It's pretty much been at the back of a wardrobe since I got it, but in November I will be moving from the UK overseas and there's no way I'm paying to transport stuff I have no use for. So I'm planning on selling it.

The thing is I have absolutely no idea how much it is worth. I need to sell, but I'm not prepared to get ripped off either (if it has any value). There's a few nicks, chips and scratches on the paintwork, and one of the allen (hex) keys has been replaced with a screw. Other than that it's all in perfect condition.

Any ideas if it has much value to it?
Thanks so much!

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Just stick it on ebay, with a good description, and plenty of photos it will find it's true value.

There is a Pearl RS-8V on there now going for 50 pounds, no bids. Or is that you (as this chap is also moving abroad)?

Edited: Correct url

Hmmm, Fleeb seller ID = Boneycork and, let's see, our poster's s/n is Boneycork... I'm no great detective, Mike (got offered a job in Portugal, though) but I think your instinctive hunch may be right.

Michael wrote:
There is a Pearl RS-8V on there now going for 50 pounds, no bids. Or is that you (as this chap is also moving abroad)?

That's me :D
This thread got delayed a day because of banned words or something. I've put a reserve on it though.

Okay, Okay, so I didn't look at the username :) (I didn't even pase the right URL on second look)

we did notice that you forgot to 'pase' the link Mike, nobody had the heart to tell you.

Boneycork, the RS-8V is reviewed by a few people on Harmony Central. Their reviews aren't usually worth reading, except they do state how much people paid for them, new or 2nd hand. Here's a link:

and, unusually, the review at the bottom of the page was fairly written by someone with brains and judgement. Hope the info helps :)

Washburns are great guitars, but they don't fetch very much 2nd hand, as they don't have the same appeal as Fenders, Gibsons, et al.

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