OK.. Well here is where the horrible mass murder and warfare begins.

I am looking into getting a les paul.... AND

GIBSON or EPIPHONE!!! and either way they're getting 57' classics in the bridge and neck.
(o and leeuk thank u SOO much for the vibrola stuff, it came out FANTASTIC!!)

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Gibson, Gibson, and Gibson.

Oh, and Gibson.

Those are amazing. I want to get other people's opinions before i'm absolutely sure, because i DO have a budget. And I could always mod the epiphone....

Pickups are better in Epiphones these days, the finish is better than it was, the model variation and choice is great, but they ain't a patch on the real thing, a 'real' Gibson Standard is so much better than a Epiphone copy, is it worth 3-4 times as much?? absolutely, every penny.
490 pickups are my favorites, why do you want to change them for 57's?

2 reasons not to buy the Epihone.

1) it's an Epiphone, and you will always be wanting the real deal.

2) It says Epiphone on the headstock.

Well, i LOVE the tone in them, and i just can't part with them. i put one in that sg, too.

(thanks for helping me with the vibrola)

You know, I think I'll go with good ol' Gibson on this note. But im still gonna do my home work on em'. any other opinions are still welcome.

A Gibson is an instrument for life, an Epiphone is an instrument.

lee_UK wrote:
A Gibson is an instrument for life, an Epiphone is an instrument.

You know what I've thought about a lot, especially the past 2-3 months? Even when my custom hollowbody comes, I think I'm still gonna find myself going back to my SG on certain occasions. I effin' love that guitar, and it still just has the stock pups in it - I can't believe how good it can sound sometimes. I've actually thought about putting new pups in it, but can't come up with a good enough reason to spend the $$ on why.

Which brings me to this: since I know nothing of wiring, how much do you think it'd cost to have someone install pups, assuming I go out and buy a pair? Figure the worst case scenario, which isn't even all that likely, is that if I have new pups installed and don't like them, I can always switch it back.

PS - Greaso - I spent only around $700 on my SG, and as you can see from my above adoration for it, it was a lovely investment.

Shakedown-- I bought a faded brown 600$ sg, and have probably put 1000$ into it with pups, repairs, etc... I LOVE MINE TO DEATH!!!! and will NEVER sell or trade it. they're such fantastic guitars. Even if i do get the LP, i will still probably be playing my sg more. And actually, that made me think twice about the Les Paul, I might get an SG Standard.

O and around where i live, if there's a guitar shop or even a Guitar Center around, they won't charge you a fortuine. it's easier to DIY though, but it's up to you.

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