i am so PISSED OFF at the industry! let me start by saying i'm friggin broke. to make some cash, i give guitar lessons, both acoustic and electric (occasionally bass.. but i won't get into that now). anywhosiewhatsies, because i have only about 35 cents to my name at any given time, i like to rely on my own keen ear for tabs to teach my students. that, and guitar tab sites. unfortunately, the ones i used to search for good tabs on have been shut down BY THE MAN! i can understand not wanting people to steal the music and call it their own and whatnot, but SERIOUSLY MAN! learning tabs helps kids with music skills. i wouldn't be complaining if i could afford songbooks for my students, or if the sites would come back online legally. it's just like downloading music. oh boo hoo, now they can't afford that solid-gold toenail clipper. :evil:

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Thats a good one, there are people on ebay that sell CD's for a couple of pounds which have 100's of thousands of tabs on them, all ripped from squashed websites, but it would be a good investment.

Couldn't you be sneaky and ask your students to supply their own songbooks? That way they can choose what styleand songs they want to play.

Yeah, I've just had that exact problem on Bassmasta but of the 5 versions they'd only deleted 4, strange to delete them though, I doubt many of the bands themselves are that bothered.

Although the industry deserves to wallow in a cesspit of its own making, I'm not too surprised. Napster was forced out of its "free swapping" mode because recored companies, having forked a large advance at an artiste, understandably wanted to recoup some of their money back selling the software (CD or whatever). Nothing too inconceivable. I wondered when lyric-sites and tab-sites would get the same treatment.

Publishing deals are more of a mystery, but they work in a similar way to record deals. The publishing company (sometimes/often unrelated to the record company) hands a band an advance. They recoup their investment by selling song sheets, licensing the music and lyrics to "play guitar in 20 days" type books, and (payola!) when another band covers the song.

Free tab and lyrics sites deprive the publishing company of recouping that investment. Ultimately, this means that bands don't get the juicy advance they'd like when signing on. Just as the Sony/BMG, EMI etc biggies have got around to cooperating with web music downloads, it's high time that publishers woke up to the fact that only wrinklies still go to some dusty piano shop and buy sheet music these days. Much easier to print it off the net, cheaper to do, and they ought to get on the bandwagon.

While they stick their thumbs up their arses, the best suggestion is as above; recommend a book and tell students to bring their own copy to lessons. That's what my sprog does at trumpet time.

I understand the need to make money (I, unfortunately, work in a bank) but in the specific case I recently came across, a bass player had devised a bassline to play to 'Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground' by 'The White Stripes' this song has no bassline so the guy in question had based it around root notes on Jack Whites E didn't really reflect the timing of the song so the advice was listen to the song and play along. So really we have 6 notes played to an unspecified rhythm, this was pulled due to copyright worries...
I'm also a photographer and my work is displayed online, as a matter of course I've read into copyright law (a minefield admittedly) and do understand the threat of having you work stolen but how far should we let these companies go?...

you would never see Jack White or the Doors in the 'Bass Forum' , 2 of my favourite bands. :lol:

You never see anyone in the 'Bass forum' :D

Tho actually I think the White Stripes have featured quite a lot, considering...

Dammit, just wasted my 666th post I was going to have a little party (memorial?) I think I'll go find me a bat-head lest the night be completely wasted. :twisted:

Tim wrote:
You never see anyone in the 'Bass forum' :D

Im still laughing at that one :lol:

Maybe we should bring the bass forum back in here, i rarely knock on the 'Carpet' lined door, with it's port hole installed where there should be a letterbox.

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