Valuation Help on Tobias Guitar (Not Bass)

Hi, I own a 6-string tobias guitar. I'm grudgingly having to sell it, as my wife is pregnant and I need to generate some extra cash. However, I can't find any info on this guitar on the web to get a feel for it's value - everything on Tobias is associated with basses, as you'd expect - I don't want to undersell it.

I was wondering whether anyone might be able to help out with this one. I bought it for £900 back in 1997, but the impression I got was that it was worth more. The serial number is 99, but besides saying 'TOBIAS' below the neck, there is no other make or model.

Any ideas? I can provide photos if need be.

Thanks, Joe

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One of those two models?

Sell the kid.

arf, Lou. You've been away and I miss those comments. Must wipe my screen clean, now.

Hi, thanks for the replies.

Looks like they are of the same series, although mine has two gold humbuckers and bridge, single tone control and different wood finish, but seems to have same neck and head style (haven't worked out yet how to attach photo yet).

Slightly disturbed by the price on the link of $580 (£287) used. Is this general consensus? If so, I think I'd rather keep hold of it for the difference it would make.

Don't think the wife'd approve if I sold the kid!



Hi Joe,

Have a look at the first page of the sticky at the top of the guitar section "How to post pics on Guitarsite". It's pretty much a "how to" get your Tobias up on here.

Looking at Lee's link to the HC review, yours sounds like one of the post-Gibson-Takeover Tobii. The review states that various bodywoods and hardware types exist of the basic design. Don't read too much into converting $580 into a sterling equivalent; most guitar items seem to live in a fantasy world where $1 = £1 so, over here, a used Tobias should be £500+.

HST, US-made Tobias basses have a good market of players who appreciate them and can tell one from a Toby. Not so sure about guitarists; usually a pretty conservative bunch who only pay up for the usual Fensonbackers. If I were you, I'd put it on Fleeb with "Gibson Tobias" in the title, as good a descn of Tobias and the Gibson takeover as necessary and have reserve or starting price of four or five hundred. The risk is that this type of auction may only get a single bid, but at least you don't risk having to sell it for a coupla hundred.


Thanks for the info. I've had a go at setting up a web page on geocities to get a pic of the guitar on here. I'm afraid I'm a bit rubbish when it comes to computers and the net, so it's not great, but there it is (along with my feet in shot!). The link is

http// TestPage_TOBIAS.html

Please keep the views coming - the more the better so I can get a good idea of what it's worth. It's already been good just to find out a bit about it, although the more I do the more reluctant I am to sell it - I've been playing it again over the past few days and it is a nice guitar!

Thanks again,


Hmm, not seeing your pics but honestly, you're better posting to Photobucket (account is free), they give you the exact address to embed or include images in your post (no need for any [img] bits or anything). I thought I'd posted an up-to-date guide but it must've been on a thread, not the 'Posting pics...' which can be a bit old and bloated! If I don't see pics tommorow I'll post a (sober) guide on how to get them up.


Hi Joe
Your link opened, but I'm unable to get a bigger pic......

Nice looking guitar.

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