Emboldened by successful post last night: Schecter Tempest

I'd like to ask:

Does anyone own a:


I tried one out last week. Felt a little lightweight ..... ?

Is it worth that, I had to ask myself. Answer was herr, hmm, err. Why don't music shops let you take stuff home for 2 weeks? Made in China and intonation was spot on. Derr.. Oh God. Help.

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You are being suckered in by the glossy finish, the sales platter, don't do it, you know you will play it for a week, then put it away in favour of the Gibson.

Felt a little lightweight ..... ?

That'll be the basswood. Dings incredibly easily, too. My least favourite bodywood and it's one of the things that puts me off those Schecters (otherwise, I've heard positive things).

Nothing 'dings easily' with a polyWotsit finish, that poly stuff they put on is as hard as nails, and that model looks like it has 50 coats of Polyurethane.
I thought my recent Squier 51 purchase was Alder, turns out to be Basswood and that gets dragged all over the place, chairs knocked in to it, kitchen door has hit it a few times (now used as a door stop!) and it looks as fresh as it was out of the box, it still plays fantastic, great neck, but im in the process of changing out the Humbucker for a Gibson 490-t, i just get the feeling the stock pup is going to squeel like pig when it gets a live outing.

But getting back to the woods thing, would you say Basswood dings easier than Mahogany?

Yeah. Jayses. It looks a lot better in the photo. Far too overpriced. I'd give £100 for it.

I got the Harley Benton junior strat for my kid and he - err -isn't interested a bit, but that's his fekkin problem not mine, the little b****d. Last time I fekkin buy him anything.

Other interesting news is that I saw a dead bird today on the road as I was going to the shops.

would you say Basswood dings easier than Mahogany?

Yep. Although both are fairly close-grained, mahogany is fairly dense and has enough lube in it to absorb a knock and take finish well. Basswood (the thinking man's balsa) only has to be sneezed violently over. Of course, you can slap several coats of poly over it (you have to, it's one fugly wood) and make it as hard as Katie Price's implants at cruising altitude, but there's the downside. All that lacquer sucks tone even faster than your technique does. "Basswood body" always gets me sprinting away from the "buy now" button. Might as well stick EMGs in there... :lol:

BTW, Lou, if both the OD and the near-acoustic-sounding tracks on your mp3 clip were courtesy of EMG, then I'd say those are nice, versatile pups. As for wasting money on sprog-guitars, I've done that. Only £45 quid in my case though. Oh, and I've been on a geography field trip Tuesday and today. Dead sheep two days ago, still there and maturing nicely by the time I took the next lot of kids yomping through Yorkshire today.

Lou_Ranko wrote:
Why don't music shops let you take stuff home for 2 weeks?

Well, I don't like to admit that I shop at Guitar Center, but I do, and one of the big benefits is that they have a 30-day return policy. Pretty sweet. That, and the fact that I know a guy who works there and he gives me killer deals on anything there, are the 2 reasons why I shop there.

Anyone in the UK offer anything like that? wish i could have done it with an amp a few years back, trying to find a decent gigging amp was a saga.

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