paul stanley silvertone...

has any one ever played the silvertone apocalypse pro? it is paul stanleys (guy from kiss) its his signature guitar but its only about 300 dollars? does anyone know if it any good because i am looking to buy one maybe.

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Ive never realy liked signature models, although i do own a Sheryl Crow Gibson Country and western dreadnaught accoustic, but then i have a thing about Sheryl Crow and i know im paying an extra £300 for the privilage of owning one, i paid £1800 for a £1500 guitar, so bear in mind your $300 is more costly because it is a signature.
But if you are a Kiss fan, and you love the look of the guitar then why not, what else are you going to do with your money?

even though i am a kiss fan, i am not thinking about buying it for that reason. i thought since paul stanley uses it, it has to be an o.k. guitar. has anyone ever played it?

i dont think Paul Stanley would play a $300 guitar ? maybe im wrong, i would say have a look on harmony central, but nobody admits to buying a pup on there, sounds like a good topic for a post.... ummm.
if it were me, and i had no chance of getting to a shop to try one out, i would get one from ebay, pay the basement price then if you dont like it stick it back on there, you wont lose much. $300 doesnt sound much for a sig model.
Good luck though.

GG, I can't comment on the guitar but it's correct that a 'signature guitar' isn't the same as 'model played by famous bloke'. Certainly not for $300. It's marketing, and (to be brutal) how buyable the endorser is. Paul Stanley (and I have a soft-spot for old Kiss) has scrawled his moniker, had it scanned and transfer-printed onto a headstock, but legged it with $xxxxx long before looking at the product.

On a skewed note, I play tennis. You can get a "Tim Henman" racquet for under £50. I tried one out, hoping that it'd help me win endless five-set matches before I bummed out gloriously in the semi-finals to a Godlike player. Atchly, I sucked major league and went out in the 1st round to a promising ten-year-old. I returned the racquet.

I think I meant a 'moral to the story' somewhere, but ended up rambling about a minority sport. Apols :)

Also, I like Lee's "Beware the HC Review" warning. I've done 3-4 HC reviews but, as Lee says, you're swamped by the eedjets. People won't often admit to buying a puppy, so they say it's great.

For your amusement, Lee, you might find my review of the Hondo bass on HC. I'm the one saying "No. It isn't solid swamp ash and nearly as good as a Fender. It is a ply pile of **** that sounds like ****, bought from a ****** because I was a naive ******"

OK, you need to "read between the lines", but that's the gist of it. Here's to REAL reviews on HC (and flying pigs saving the snowball in hell) :P

Bass i admire your pursuit of lawn tennis, but grass is only meant for one thing (, and of course if you live in Paris then its a Pet toilet No2's only (dogs save No1's for the legs of visiting tourists), great line on the 10yr old though, i too now have some coffee marks on the LCD screen.
I cant bring myself to look at anything to do with Hondo and Hondo II, and also Colombus, ive had such bad expieriences with those guitars, they are out on there own as far as quality goes, im sure there are playable ones out there, somewhere, but ive never come across one, and im not being a guitar snob either, i know a few £100 electric guitar models which i would happily play, Crafter make a great guitar, Aria make some good stuff as well, maybe we should start a Trash your Hondo II campaign, we call call it, 'Scorched Earth' we could scour all the local Hondo/Colombus hang out's such as 'Cash Convertors' and with a tin of lighter fluid and a box of swan vestas (Hendrix style), and then we could have a burn up in the car park....maybe not.
Anyone for tennis?

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