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Curious to see what this goes for.Guy selling it doesn't seem to have a lot of good to say about it but it's already more than I would have thought for that condition

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At first, I thought the seller was suspiciously "ignorant" yet still listing the critical features. Looking at his history, though, I think he's just a lucky git who picked it up whilst considering buying a ZX81 at the nerd-fair. A 1959 Superlead, made in 1972 (P2P wiring), even in that condition, won't sell for under £300. I expect it to put on the pounds faster than William Perry in postseason (that joke's almost funny if you're familiar with the Bears team of the '80s). Final bid should exceed £500 comfortably in my estimation.

The cosmetics aren't all that bad externally and the surface chassis gunk is liftable. The Drakes look good and one obvious problem, mismatched valves, is a simple fix. Even the Daly caps look OK and the death-by-Bulgin lead can be thrown out for a decent replacement.

I'm happy enough to stick with the CMI but I bet that pukka 1959 kudos pushes the final bidding higher than common sense dictates.

That cord kind of concerned me but as you say it would be an easy enough fix. Do you think the caps could be carefully reformed ? Probably lucky a mouse didn't make his house in there :lol: Probably had a heck of a mess in there then.

Looks more like a pidgeon house inside :lol:, but that can be cleared off. There's a real hotch-potch of EL34s in there and 1+2 are clearly suffering; my guess is that a previous owner just replaced dead glass with whatever and paid no attention to current draw. Probably sounds awful if powered up because of that.

I don't really (and bearing in mind I'm no amp tech) go in for hours on the Variac trying to resurrect filter caps. They were only meant to do the job for a decade at most, even though I've played plenty of amps still packing them. JJ et al make new replacements and I cannot see, in theory, why originals would make any difference to the ears. Might please the collectors, but I wouldn't have any qualms about replacing them with new. I've got nothing against a male socket/female plug Bulgin, either. I have them on one or two amps and they're fine (male plugs are a different matter). The one sold with this amp looks like get-rid piece of tat, though. Cheap replacements are readily available.

I'm a bit surprised it went for £414. A chassis-underside pic would have helped the seller but, as far as, I didn't see anyhting major apart from a lot of crud to clear out. A cleaned up, serviced Superlead is £900+ to some people so plenty of potential there.

Yep a gut shot could have raised the bidding quite a bit. Some caps, tubes and a little elbow grease and perhaps a tidy profit. Collectors are keeping the prices high. I think I was reading at TGP how the bottom has kind of fallen out of the market for vintage fender amps. Still $800 for a 30-40 year old amp isn't bad :D

Any uncertainty over interest rates (and there are some, right now) quickly takes its effect on overpriced boy's toys. I remember when stuff like the MkII Jaguar and (back on guitars) Gibson ES335s were getting astronomical prices until the '90 recession and suddenly people who could neither drive nor play very well were stuck with eggy "investments". The same could happen with some amps and, in partic, collossally overpriced valves.

I've given up on all but the most badly-listed, high-value glass like Mullards and GEC/Genalex. They either bid into the stratosphere or turn out to be burnt-out junk (sometimes both). I've had some luck with old amp pulls but that's about it.

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