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I've been playing bass for some time now and feel the time is right for a new bass.
My current bass is a olp mm2.
my price range is from 1000-2000$ ish
I want something that I can use on "stage" and in the "studio"
I play everything from steely dan songs to strokes to dmb...
Your suggestions are all welcome

i have a 180w behringer bass amp ;) in case anyone wondered... in studio theres a better one but i dont remember the name... 6000$ range atleast edit2: its a sweetass Ampeg Classic SVT Stack

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keep the Bass and spend your money on a decent amp.

TBH, I would seriously recommend trying as many basses as possible, the MM2 is basically a Stingray clone and they have a pretty distinctive sound, personally I prefer a PJ setup with some form of 'blendability' over the 1 humbucker and an onboard EQ style basses.
However if you've always played the latter it could take a while to 'find your tone'on a PJ. Bear in mind on a PJ, upgrading the Pups is much easier and this can make a good bass sound fantastic...

Makes: I love my Aria. Within your price range Warwick get some glowing reviews, I'm yet to try one, but if I had your budget I would be doing.

Speaking of budget, I stick firmly to the principle of buying second-hand instruments, I wouldn't go over the $1000 when you could be saving for an amp :wink: and don't be tempted to cop out and buy a Fender Precision.

If I think of anything else when I'm soberer, I let you know! Good luck!

And welcome BTW!


I'm pretty sure my amp(s) will last a while.. I'm pretty sure a PJ setup would rock! The musicman humbucker works but I long for that sound you get from "pups" closer to the neck... Also my reason for changing is that the olp mm2 isnt a "good" quality build... I'm really not impressed by the placing of the humbucker and the quality of the jack input... Originally the humbucker is held in place by 3 screws and a large foampad on the back... I use the humbucker to rest my thumb and so my humbucker moves when i play... Because of that i replaced it with a piece of wood. I have to tighten the jack input now and then just to keep it fastened to the bass. I have to remove the whole "volume tone jack input" plate to do this. quality? I think not.
On the positive side, the bass sounds good and and i don't have any other problems. With my expensive amp (ampeg) I have had more problems with cables than with the bass. But i feel the time is ready to try something new... plus having alot of basses is like having alot of stamps.. ladies go crazy!!!!! :D

Hey, yeah I find the PJ setup more flexible. The foam or springs under the pups are actually there to allow you to raise or lower (with the screws) the pup changing the distance between them and the strings, I guess if you've found a piece of wood the right size this won't be a problem! Personally I have mine at some weird angles as they're pretty shot so I have to try and equalize the volume across the strings.

I do also rest my thumb on it so I'm looking to fit a thumb-rest soon, maybe a better solution?

The humbucker is in the same position as the Musicman, probably to add some attack to an otherwise fat sounding Pup, I think the Musicman Bongo bass has a single coil closer to the neck to add more variety to your sound, I assume this has also been cloned...

Also consider "I don't have a lot of guitars...just one big one" :D

Hi and welcome :D

The SVT Classic is a great amp; pity you can't take it gigging with you. The Officially Licensed Product mm2 is made in Korea, with local electronics and (IIRC) no active preamp. Every Korean bass I've owned had a lousy jack socket exactly as you describe. A cheap option is to have all the electronics upgraded (Switchcraft jack for starters) and, by coincidence, I bought a Seymour Duncan MM pup with the 4-knob EQ and pull-vol slap contour off eBay because they came unused from a dealer with a ridiculously low BIN price. Trouble is, the OLP doesn't have the required number of holes and, anyway, you'd still have the naff OLP logo.

If you like the Stingray (I certainly do) and would consider 2nd hand, you could look for the now-discontinued Musicman Sabre. This had two pups fitted so you can mellow out at the neck as well as the classic Stingray sound. The Ernie Ball Bongo can also be had with twin pups (and the series/parallel/single coil switch) but it's a gonky looking thing. I've also just had a look at Musician's Friend and they have the twin-bucker Sterling within your budget ( and Stingray HH ( BTW, did replacing the OLP 'bucker with a piece of wood really improve the tone? I didn't realize they were that bad :)

I'd certainly try the US Fender Jazz. Better electronics than the Mexican and I like the range that can be had from the neck and bridge pups. The Jap-made, US pickup'd Geddy Lee Jazz is a possible. I won't bore you with the details, but Leo placed the bridge pup in the mathematically ideal position and most P-J style basses also have the bridge pup in the right place. A lot of twin-soap basses, to my mind, have them too close together and there's not a lot of difference switching from one to the other.

I can think of plenty of others but it'd be better if you filled in with some preferences. Do you prefer traditional looks or this that not such an issue?

How about a Rickenbacker? The price of the Rickenbacker 4003 is overcomable. But I can't say I've seen alot of ricks around (bass that is)

The sound's not for everyone, definitely a 'try before you buy'.

Not a fan myself, a lot of people do play them, mainly seems to be indie bands...and Lemmy.

What about a second hand fender which i rape with my hacksaw or grinder and voila new emg PJpups?
I'm not in the "get hands dirty" buisness, so playing with powertools helps on my manliness! :D

:) , a Rick 4003 is certainly something to try; they have a distinctive tone (personally, I like them very much) and is within your budget. With the money you are wanting to spend, I think you should physically handle the contenders. If you have a Guitar Center or such like nearby, they should have the US Jazz, Stingray and 4003 instore. The twinbucker Stingray is less likely to be available hands on. I wouldn't buy something, then gut it for chisel+solder operations just yet. It's a major pain :)

Ok here's the deal.. I had a concert this weekend and used the ampeg stack for the first time on stage... OMG i hate the gay wiring on my crappyass bass. In the studio i never have any problems, but with full PA rigging and soundman (soundlady) and shit it just gives me a headacke. had like 10mins to do tests and i was fucking turning knobs like tits instead of stroking my ehh... you know... strings ;)
Tomorrow i will go basshunting, turning every fucking store in oslo upside down until i find a bass with proper electronics. AGGGGH!!!
The gig went well btw ^^

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