RG80 112SC foot switch and manual

Am trying to locate a manual and a foot switch for my Rg 80 112SC amp.So far I haven't had any luck.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks much!

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Hello and welcome, Tbird

The manual and schematics for Randall's RG80 can be had for twenty bucks from this website:

but, in my op, I'd wait a while (I suggest about 60 years) before taking advantage of this offer. I went to Randall's own website and took a look at their downloadable (free) manuals. This is the URL:


and, as you'll see, there is no mention of the RG80. However, a click on the RG100 brought up this pretty thin ".pdf" document:


Imagine if you'd spunked $20 only to get a similar, two-page, blink and you'd miss it document. If the RG100 details are no use to you, try the Randall forum:


register, and ask if you can get a copy. Chances are that a Randall-employed mod will reply and sort you out. Failing that, another user should.

As to the footswitch, again, you can try the Randall site:


but my guess (only a guess at the moment) is that you need a simple, latching (on/on) footswitch. Without a nice "Randall" logo, and made in China somewhere, these are now almost literally a dime a dozen. Come back here if you need more info and/or can provide more details.

Thanks for the reply,1bassleft.I do appreciate the info,and will follow up on it.I just started playing bass after a 26 year break from music.I was always a rythm guitarist.After trying bass,I can't ever go back,I'm enjoying the heck out of it.Will take your advice on the foot switch,I did find a schematic,and can amend any 2 switch latching foot switch to work.Thank you again for your help,it is truely appreciated.

You're welcome, Tom.

Always nice to know if we've been of any help here :) I was meaning to ask; the RG80 looks to be more of a guitarist combo than a dedicated bass amp - is your history as a rhythm man the reason why you use it? No reason why you can't, I'm just curious about how you came to having your rig. (btw, bassists converted from the six-string are especially welcome :D )

I found this amp on e-bay,and since this one is 150 watt,I jumped at the chance.It doesn't even seem to have been used much and is in excellent condition.The price was unbelieveable.($100) Man does it rock with my Fender P bass! Don't really plan on playing 6 again. Bass opened up a new world for me, and I love it,even though I'm still learning. Thanks for the message. Hope to talk soon.

Randall has changed ownership a few times since your RG 80 was built.
I ended up with all of the original company's paperwork. If you send me a stamped, addressed envelope, I'll be happy to send you a copy of the manual & schematic.

That's a very generous offer, Billy. A big welcome to the board: now get in there, Tbird :D

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