I'm currently learning to play rhythm guitar, mainly to aid songwriting as bass on it's own isn't a great songwriting tool.

I've discovered over the past few days that I've spent the last 8 years toughening up the wrong part of my fingers! (I have a bit of a lazy bass-playing style) I can only manage about 20mins a day on guitar :(

And I now hate you all.

Even more. :)

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It always kills me how Adam Clayton gets the same money as the Edge, Edge plays hard riffs, power chords, solo's and chugging rhythms, Adam plays Dum dum dum dum, dee dee dee dee, dom dom dom dom, and obviously points the bass at various invisible objects for effect, whilst giving his attitude look into camera, and he plods along. The Edge is here and there and creating very nice guitar parts, lifting the song when needed and generally breaking into a bit of a sweat, then at the end of the month they both get the same pay cheque.
Most bizarre, Sting got away with murder whilst in the Police, Andy Summers had as much input in to those songs as Sting, again he was a plodder, anyway, Keep up the good work Tim, you only need 20mins practice a day anyway.
And always remember, tone is in the fingers...well 90% of it is.


The number of times I've accidently 'written' With or Without You..

I've got E, Em, A, G and C in the bag, just takes me a bar to change at the minute. It is slightly less painful now.

'Old-plank' fans will be glad to hear that the Framus is being restored to 6-strings next!

I notice you have left the harder ones out, F, B, Bb, Bm.
Wait til you try and conquer the dreaded F chord. :lol:

Am, A7, G7, E7 nailed. Learnt A but can't fret it cleanly, just sight-read F and Bm, not bad, bass has given me te strengh to fret the B ane E together so I've got a bit of advantage, wasn't clean but give me a day or two...

A major on the other hand, impossible! 3 adjacent strings on the same fret...I'm gonna have to find a cheaty 'F-style' way of doing that.

Got my first chord progression recorded though...which was the point, so can now put a bassline to it. yay!

I find F a piece of easy, because I play guitar strung upside-down. Borrowed so many righties I can't actually play a lefty correctly. Get yourself a MichaelAngelo guitar and you're sorted.

If, like me, you have a bassplayer's fretting finger pads (a bit like those frogs that can climb up glass windows; good for bass fretting but a cumbrance on guitar) then cheat the Amaj. Either use two fingers and let the middle finger handle D and G fretting (EDIT: :oops: , I mean the G and B, for people who play the right way up) or, very quick and dirty, splat the entire middle digit over the three strings and let the high E go dead. Not pretty, but neither am I.

Incidentally, playing upside-down makes a particular "jazz" chord a real cinch. The one where the high E is fretted at (say) the 6th fret, the B at the 7th, the G at the 8th and the D at the 9th. Can be played anywhere on the neck for an instant, early-"Everything But The Girl" song. Just add girly crooner...

Yeah I have the big 'spider-man' finger pads...I've found most guit work uses the tips of the fingers and now have a blister under my nicely developed bass-pads!

Still, it hurts less each day, so maybe one day I'll be...passable on guitar.

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