Must know bass player moves: Lesson 1

I was watching this Blow Monkeys video on youtube. I think you will all admit the bass player has some smooth moves happening. Looks like a bloody lephrecorn too.

Mick Anker. 27 seconds in is what playing is all about baby:

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Okay...I'll admit the head movement was pretty impressive...

The playing brought back too many memories of Bass Day UK...

However, with one guy doing it, its just not my style, and I won't ask why you were watching this in the first place (I'm scared of the answer!)

Certainly wouldn't say 'Lesson 1' You have to stand stock-still in your first 2 bands at least!

Mick Anker - is that is his real name or Cockney rhyming slang? Maybe he had a word with the cameraman - "Close up on me, I can really move"

Still, don't just shoot the fourstringer. Who was the band's stylist on the day? "Dr. Robert" (I never did look up his thesis title) with a "special needs" fringe and I particularly enjoyed the trumpet player proving you can be female, brassy, and still have a 'do that looks like daytime-TV weathergirl.

Entertaining stuff.


How about some video lessons from the pros?

How about this one?

Great title for a camcorder clip of a bloke doing some technically difficult bits. It sounds like the biggest POS ever, though. Is he plugged into one of those cig-pack amps? In the words of Alan Partridge; "Sorry, that was just noise"

I like how the cameraman wakes up suddenly when the solo's over and nearly drops his camcorder.

That was really you in a baseball cap on THE YOU TUBE wasn't it?

No, I post on "THE MY SPACE" :lol:

Michael wrote:

How about some video lessons from the pros?

The trick is to start from the top and work down, therefore, lesson one has to be head-nodding/banging (depending on musical direction) and the swinging of any available hair:

RIP Cliff!

Mustard mitt, I never did manage hair-swinging while playing; even when I had impressive locks. Other than that, though, there is nothing (apart from fingerstyle - hence the boring arguments about Jason) in Cliff's playing to suggest he's anything more than a frustrated lead guitarist missing a coupla strings.

Notice how Lars usually takes the opportunity for a swig and a scratch? No groove whatsoever; just a bunch of finger clusters, bends and a very nasty distortion pedal. If you must solo (why?), it is possible to play with distortion, hammer-ons, fingerstyle and keep a groove for the drummer. Best of all, done with a "what shall I have for dinner?" nonchalant expression. Step forward John Entwhistle:

If your bass is big enough (failing that, if your body's small enough), you could try humping your instrument:

Alternatively, turn a bass upside-down (don't swap the strings - that'd be cheating) and slap about while some random in the crowd does Robosapien v2. If that doesn't impress, get the camera to pan back to you revealing your white T-shirt and pure Bacofoil shorts. Guaranteed to get yourself talked about in a forum:

Yeah, I was talking strictly head movement...the sound does suck, although I think he's using my new pedal!

Glad that yellow traffic light panned in at the end of the last vid as the people and the dancing made it look distinctly like my home town...

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