what was 1BL doing in 1993?

I am disgracefully un-mpeggy and not au fait with all the latest tech. Besides, when my old band, sub rosa recorded in 1993, it was on Fostex 1/4" tape. Nothing wrong with that, but I didn't even have CD-burning capability so I ended up with a cassette tape (remember those?)

Anyhoo, I've simply played it through my deck and stuck a WAV recorder in front of the speaker. You can hear the wobble of the device as I pressed the record button. To me, the quality sounds a bit shi'ite but I am using a laptop to listen back. Let me know if it sounds cack to you and I'll try a re-record.


The song is called "This".

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Great thread !! It's encouraged me to dig through some old boxes of cassettes (oh yes!) to find some stuff worth posting, although to be honest when it comes to singing I can't carry a tune in a bucket.
So right now I'm going through some instrumental things I did on an old Aria 4-track recorder using a Hondo II Strat copy (yuk!), a Zenta Telecaser bass (double yuk!) and a Yamaha PSS-something-or-other keyboard for drums and things. All this stuff was DI'd straight into the Aria, no amps, just a Boss chorus pedal for the guitar. Happy days. :D

Yeah, why not stick a digicam or something in front of our cassette speakers? I'm up for a listen. I've checked my account and, in fact, my recording of "This" took a miniscule amount of my free, 5Gb limit, so I really ought to punt some other stuff up.

Unfortunately, I let my 4shared account lapse and they've wiped my recordings. I'll try to punt some stuff back up on my return home.

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