Roderich Paesold Guitars!

A number of people have come across old guitars with the Roderich Paesold guitars and can't find any information on them. I came across a 6 string with model P130.

I wanted to post an email response I received from the "string instrument specialist" at the Roderich Paesold company:

thank you very much for your kind inquiry but sorry, no we can't answer your questions, strange enough, hmmm? We did never make guitars, we had always been a company for bows and stringed instruments only. I'll give you view into the history and you'll understand why there are vintage guitars by Roderich Paesold and why we can't come up with answers:

In the late 1960's Roderich - the founder - retired and sold his company to the clarinet company Wenzel Schreiber & Sons in Nauheim. Later Schreiber (together with Roderich Paesold) was integrated in the Boosey&Hawkes (B&H) group (the other companies were Keilwerth, Buffet Crampon, Besson, Rico, Winter and (only from 1993 on) Hofner). A world wide group-own network of international distribution companies was installed.

There was a high demand for guitars in the 70's and 80's but B&H didn't have a own guitar manufacturing company yet. But the group management of B&H wanted to join the guitar boom: Dutch made guitars (actually manufactured by Egmont, this company is not existent any more) were bought in with Paesold labels and sold mainly by the British and USA distribution companies. We here in Germany initially even didn't know anything about that.

Now you'll understand that we don't have any technical files, no brochures, no catalogues, no pricelists, just nothing. We only gave - for a certain period - our name because we were the only company in the group that was related to strings, all others were related to brass- and woodwind.

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By my count we are up to Six. I also have a Roderich Paesold, it is a six string western style acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top. I have had this guitar over thirty years and still in great shape. Bought on High Street Columbus Ohio (Ohio State) about 1974-75. I think it was the only one there in a big guitar shop. There is a Label inside the body but I can no longer read the Model Number it does say Roderich Paesold with the RP logo that the German fine instrument company uses today. The label also says at the bottom "Made in Holland". I had this guitar in the shop a couple of years ago for a loose/buzzing tuner and the service technician was very impress with the quality of the guitar, "they don't make them like this anymore" was his response.

I was trying to find some info about my guitar and arrived here.
I've got a 6-string Roderich Paesold, model P-130, made in Holland.
It's not in good shape and sound is not good at all.
I bought it in Madrid, Spain, around 1975, and I hadn't played it since probably 1978 or 1979, when I bought an Ibanez.
Good to see that there are some others in the world.

I bought a 12 string over 30 years ago near Seattle Wa USA. It was used when I bought it. It is in perfect condition, and plays like a feather-touch! Loud rich tone. If my count is correct, this makes 7 on this site. Rock on!


My wife has a Roderich Paesold P-90 that her father bought foe her in about 1972. It has the same label as described in this forum, the elegant script with P-90 in ink and made in Holland. This guitar is a classical with a fat neck and tie on nylons. And unlike the spanish gentleman this guitar sounds fantastic. We would never sell it as it has sentimental value but we WOULD like to know an insurance value if that is possible. Thanks, Larry in West Virginia, USA


I've lately taught my fiance to play harmonica, and since my main instrument is guitar, I've tried to soften her defences on trying it, too.

A few days back I dropped by at my favourite flea market Emmaus here in Helsinki, and as so often, it again had a real jewel:

There was a dusty guitar hanging from the ceiling, with nasty looking cracks all over. I grabbed it, sat down on in the cafe area, and started playing. The strings were blackened, but the grip was promising, and the sound was good. What surprised me was the fact that it was in perfect tune, which is rare with flea market guitars, as you know.

With closer inspection I realized that the cracks were only the finish deep (I don't remember the word in english for the protective finish), and I got really surprised on how thick the finish was; seemed like about 1-1,5 mm thick. Neck was in undamaged, as was the body (it looked bad, but it was only surface, as I said). Then I looked at the name tag inside: Roderich Paesold, model had faded with sun. Never heard.

Then I thought, "Okay, I bet it's expensive" and glanced the price tag, which said 28 €. 28! SOLD!

I played it home for a few days, and conviced her to try a bit. After 3 eves of training, she's already hanging with me on Dirty Old town and some others!

Really good guitar to play!


PS: Oh, yes. It's the nylon type.

I have an RS 12 string Model #150. It's been a great guitar to learn on. Thanks for the info!

I bought a Roderich Paesold 12 string guitar in California probably about 1976 or so and still have it today. The model number is faded, but it looks like it is a P-238 and the label also says Made in Holland. It's a beautiful 12 string and has a full rich sound. Interesting to know there don't seem to be many of them around any more!

:D So I am new to this world .I have always loved music but never really delved into it. I taught myself some piano music when i was younger but never touched it again till 2years ago on a piano in a hotel lobby in downtown chicago at 3am some random weekend in January,. at the beginning of this year a friend began teaching me a few chords on his guitar but without a guitar to practice on at home i havent made much progress.So, I taught myself a few things on the keyboard instead. Switch back to this past month, the guitar has been put back in my face when I came across two guitars at a neighborhood garage sale ,one for 15 and the other 45 dollars. I chose not to purchase one for lack of confidence.(have been kicking myself ever since till yesterday) I was getting ready to walk out of Sally Army when I saw a man putting out an acoustic guitar that just came in. I hesitantly asked how much it was for,(im working within a budget here.) He said, "$50". I told him I could not afford it. He asked, "how much can you afford ?" I told him about the two guitars I previously encountered and offered $25 for the one he had. He said "ok"... I am beyond estatic to say I am now a proud and happy owner of my first acoustic guitar!.. a 6 string Roderich Paesold guitar model P130 in mint condition .. came in late to work today because i had to pull over and practice in a parking lot :) live breathe music

Hi !
I am a new member at this forum.
Roderich Paesold guitars were made by Egmond.

Visit my Egmond web-site to find out more:

/ Hans Gatu

Roderich Paesold guitar

A friend of mine recently picked up a Roderich Paesold guitar and I'm doing some research on it for him. I've been playin' for some 50 years and he's been a student of mine . He and I both have separate Facebook sites, so maybe you could actually become our Facebook Friend and discuss this guitar some more where others can benefit from our discussion. The ultimate question is : How much is it worth ?

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