Don't try this at home

Look, this is getting far too common. It isn't big, it isn't clever and it certainly isn't bass playing:

I'm not saying the guy is technically incapable of playing. I'm saying that no-one wants to hear it. Is that a Pedulla bass? How come it sounds like someone with an iron bar running past an old, school radiator? "Bass Clinics" have a lot to answer for; promoting this sort of thing.

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ALmost sounded like a whamola..............but worse :?

Close your eyes and it sounds like Mark King after being run over by a bus.

Open your eyes and the guy don't look too happy. I wonder why.

Gordy Smiff wrote:
Close your eyes and it sounds like Mark King after being run over by a bus.

:lol: , Gordy

Hmmm ......

Awww man, I really wanted to watch this. Youtube have seemed to have removed it, is there any other site with it on?

It's a pity the video's removed. It was a bloke in his room who could probably play but this was a truly hellish series of random thumps, splats and farts. I went to BassUK day in Manchester a few months back and, when I walked in, I was assaulted by the same noise because everyone felt they had to "try out" the basses in this way. Every manufacturer (bass or amp) privately told me that they'd prefer their lovely kit to be heard properly and the demos from the pros featured none of it, with at least two stating it's to be avoided (to some applause).

I'm not anti slap per se. This is a nice quick example that's melodic and dead on the groove (it does sound a bit like the soundtrack to a video featuring a plumber kneeling down to fix a washing machine then noticing the housewife has "forgotten" to wear knickers)

But take a look at the following clip. Boy, the guy can move his fingers around and it's nothing like as random and hideous as the dead link at the start of this thread. However, why on earth is there a drumtrack playing? He wanders on and off the beat like it's not there. Much better ways to use his ability (and a $2k Ken Smith).

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