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My 75 yr old mother has guitar given to her by my grandfather. It's a Ventura Bruno model V-10 serial #88204. Any idea what it's worth? She wants me to try and sell it for her. June.

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I have no idea what its worth, im sure someone on here can give you an indication.
If it were mine i would put it on ebay, describe it well, lots of nice photos and the power of ebay will do the rest.
It will get it's true worth.

Thank you for your helpful advise. You are so sweet! June.

June, there is a single review of the Ventura V10 on Harmony Central:

and it's not exactly the most informed one I've ever read. However, there are plenty of other Ventura acoustics reviewed (V11, V12, V14 etc etc) and it's possible to make some educated guesses.

I reckon the V10 reviewer is ten years out and your guitar is likely to have been made in the late 1970s. Venturas seem to have the legend "designed in the USA, made in Japan" and sold at this time in the region of $200 new. Second-hand prices range from $80 to $150 but, with careful description, you should see the higher end on a sale. It is very well appreciated nowadays that the Japanese were making excellent instruments in the 1970s and acoustics seem to improve with age.

Photos of your guitar would help but, from the descns I've read on Harmony, it sounds like a solid spruce top (good thing) as none of the other Venturas sunk to using a laminate top. The sides and back are either rosewood or mahogany - this is where a pic would help me - and the neck probably the same. Most models are described as having factory fitted Grover or Grover-like tuners. I imagine they are either genuine Grovers or Japanese Gotohs and, either way, that's good hardware.

Harmony Central reviews have to be taken with a pinch of salt (very few people write "I bought a lemon and the salesman saw me coming") but I read enough of them to see that this is probably one of those acoustics that are well worth having. With the right description, $150 would be the least to expect and it could fetch quite a bit more.

Ventura fine frettedd instruments

I can't find the value of it ventura serial no 840185 model no v- 20. Do y'all have any idea of what it may cost

Ventura Serial #51464 V-8

Wondering if anyone has info on Ventura Serial # 51464 V-8 wondering how old it is and value. My husband plays it and it is in mint condition very good sounding guitar. Any info will help since he bought it used several years ago,

V-8 date

Can ANYONE please date my ventura V-8 #50842 .....maybe where it was made too???? Thank you for your time !

Ventura dating

I have an old I believe 70's Acoustic model V-8 Serial # 50842........can you give me the date and place of manufacture ???? Thank you for your time

Ventura serial number#

Ventura serial number# 70289
Model # v-17 is it any good ,or worth anything

V-10 Model Ventura early 70's? Serial 59875.

Can you date this serial #? I have had it since 12 years old. Thank you. Value too, no dents or scratches and C. Bruno & Co.

Ventura v 10

Just wondering hiw to figure out the year of manufacturing or value of my vantura v10 serial # 67829
Any info would be helpful

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