can anyone help me out?

I have a Lyle acoustic guitar and can find barely any information on it. The model number is faded and hard to read. But I believe it starts with an F and I think a 5 that?s all I can make out though. Any information like how much its worth what its made of and so on would be greatly appreciated!you can reach me at [email protected] Thanks[/img]
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If you could tell me what kind of Lyle it is then I could probably tell you what it's worth. )

from what people are telling me i believe its an F-515
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Lyle came up as a topic here earlier:
and they were Japanese made, licensed copies of Gibson acoustics. You might find the exact model by comparing yours to the catalogs at this site:
although you will need to register with Vintaxe in order to do so.

Harmony Central has a few reviews; they mostly appear to be laminate construction, sound good but a lot of reports of lifting bridges. Probably not worth a great deal of money and you might as well hang on to it if it sounds good.

thanks! yeah i sorta fell in love with it, the sound is really full.also its signed by robbie from the goo goo dolls lol
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"Autographed guitar on eBay" - that'd be a first, :lol:

Goo Goo Dolls did a good version of "Give a Little Bit". I noticed that F520 reviewers believed that guitar was solid spruce+rosewood, which helps the value, but they weren't convinced and the others in the range tended to be described as laminate. Also, I read that gold logo examples are 1960s whereas MOP (mother of pearl) logos are 1970s, if that helps.

If it's solid wood with no lifting bridge or other frighteners, you might get $150 upwards with the right descn on eBay (Japanese made, Gibson licenced) but it might be a shame to let it go for a relatively trifling sum if it's a nice player.

yeah, robbie was actually helping me work on a song i was writing. for a music in action cd he was putting out. Thanks for all the info tho it really helped.Ive found myself falling in love with the guitar so i doubt im going to sell it,but its nice to know more about it :D
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That's quite an impressive name-drop :D . It's not easy to distinguish a laminate from a solid, so I checked the web for a more expert opinion. I found one:
that, basically, tells you how hard it is to distinguish a laminate from a solid :lol: . Even Martin and Taylor have been using laminate to reduce costs and still make a decent guitar so I'd trust the ears over the eyes. Although Harmony Central tends to be full of "the guitar I've got absolutely rocks, man" reviews, I've heard of other, pleased Lyle owners elsewhere (like here, where the more discriminating player can be found :wink: ). Welcome to the forum, BTW.

haha thankyou very much :D its good to know theres still decent people out there in the music backround haha

Worth a mention, Laminate top guitars are suppose to be excellent for use in the electro acoustic arena, but can be a bit dull and lifeless on their own. Just though i'd throw that one into the mix.

Lyle (MIA)

I found a Lyle W200 L22 and can't find any information about it. Do you know anything about this particular style?

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