capo and thumbpick

I'm planning on order a capo and a thumbpick online on musiciansfriend, and I don't know much about these. I am guessing any of those on the site would be fine, but thought i'd get feedbacks from you guys before ordering.

Let me know if you have tips/recommendations

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I can vouch for a Shubb capo, i have 2 of these and they are simple to use, make sure you choos the right one for your guitar, some are flat and some have a radius to them.
Also when you fit the capo don't make it too tight, otherwise you pinch the strings down and make the guitar do sharp, you will sound slightly out of tune with the rest of the band, and put the capo as close to the capped fret as possible.
Thumb picks are cheap, buy a few and see what you like.

I use Kyser Capos - easy to put on and off your guitar, and they last - I've had one of them for years...


Alright. So either of the capos you mentioned would work for my washburn D10s?

I am also looking for a strap, but I don't know how it would work for my guitar. I could put one end of a strap to my bottom part of the guitar but then i dont know where i would put the other end. Thanks for the help guys
my guitar

Surely the D10S has a strap button on the butt of the guitar and also around the neck/body join? If so, then any guitar strap will do. If not, then you could get an acoustic strap which has that stringy loop for tethering around the headstock. I'd be amazed if the D10 lacks the neck/body strap button though.

well yes, there's on on the bottom. But that's it. I don't see one around the neck/body join.

Surprises me, but not a problem. You just need a strap that has laces on one end for tying round the headstock. Here's a selection on eBay:
but your local guitar shop will have some.

An alternative is to get a Martin leather headstock strap, to which you can attach a normal guitar strap:

okay, straps with strings in the end seem be a big hassle, so I don't think I am getting those.

The martin strap button seems a lot better. I found the same thing on musiciansfriend. So All I need is that and a regular strap right?

Yep, they work with a normal strap. Perhaps regular acoustic players might chime in with other suggestions, though :)

alrighty. I will wait one week or so til I come up with my final decisions

Any recommendations for straps from musiciansfriend? They are different sizes and such.. tips would be great

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