Dear Deirdre,

Our bass player John is in the market for a 2X10 extension cab, he has been told by Jukebox Pete (rival bands bassplayer) that Ashdown is rubbish, he (PP) has advised Trace Elliot, John already has a Trace 1X15 combo of some sort and its always going wrong, backlight kept going out, then it was cutting out, not it hums like a Crash test dummies backing vocalist, i keep telling him to buy an Ashdown, ive played one and it was superb, but im no real bassplayer, he see's lots of 2X10 ashdowns for around £150, but Petes comments are putting him off, anyone had any experience of Ashdown? other than the former Lib Dem leaders secretary?
anything else you can recomend around the £150 mark?


Anxious of Essex/London

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Out of all the people I've spoken to about Ashdown, the only negative comment I've heard is that their cheaper, foreign-made stuff isn't as reliable as the higher end. No great surprise and, with a a speaker cabinet, I don't think it's a major worry anyway. I'd certainly tell your bassman to at least try the Ashdown. I always had problems with TE myself but, again, a cab is less hassle.

The only other suggestion I have around that price figure is Hartke. I actually like ali cones for their punch and clarity (the 210 XL is around £165, the 2.5XL about £160) but they do a VX210 if paper cones are a must. My ali 2x10" isn't Hartke (it's DIY) but, again, I haven't heard too much complaining about the XLs. Depends on your playing style (some like 'em, some hate 'em) but I'm a big fan of ali cones and your man ought to try one.

Yeah, what he just said...not had enough experience to be specific but will this be an extention for the Trace combo? If so getting a sound to work with a 15" paper and 2 10" alu cones could be...interesting. Just a thought.

I can't speak for the cabs alone but I played an Ashdown MAG 210T 2x10 combo for a while which I believe contains the same speakers as the cab and absolutely loved it, tone was fantastic. The only reason I ever got rid of it is it was way too much for bedroom playing when I stopped jamming as much with mates.

As a replacement I grabbed an Ashdown Perfect 10 which is nowhere near as good but perfectly suited to what I want.

They're definitely worth a look IMO.

Thanks for the chime, Leb. I've only briefly tried Ashdown in the shop (and liked them), so I can't put my testes on the block and say "They are unbeatable" but anyone I know of who has used them (including in the US) rates them highly. Lee's mate was pretty much the first person I'd heard of criticize them.

Jukebox Pete will be depping for our usual bassplayer John next month, im going to take JP up on this rubbishing Ashdown nonsense.
Ive had an Ashdown 4x10 mag cab and thought it was great, John is still on the lookout for a cheap Trace cab though.

I noticed, for the nth time at a public event, much use of Ashdowns for amplifying the bass during the London 2012 party in front of the Palace after Beijing shut down. Either Ashdown are very savvy at getting in on big gigs, or (more likely) the players choose to use them.

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