Memphis Guitar (Explorer Style) HELP Identify!

Ive got this Memphis Guitar that I got from a friend. Ive always wanted an explorer or explorer style guitar. this one actually sounds pretty good with some pickups in it that look to be duncan distortion pickups but I havent removed them yet to check them out. The maple fretboard shows its age,the frets have little wear though. The guitar sounds nice and has a nice weight to it. for this guitar to be a great player Ive just gotta put some new strings on it and set it up...and MAYBE a new nut. I was hoping someone could maybe identify this guitar and give me a little info on it. Id love to know the age and everything. If someone would like to purchase the guitar after its setup or want it as-is then it is up for sale. Ive got a baby on the way and need to part with 3 of my guitars...Ive got over 14 guitars in the house ranging from gibson,dean,epiphone,fender etc. and a few knock-offs. Im gonna part with 3 for now. but any help on this guitar would be great...age,wood type,model...anything.

Please feel free to IM me on AIM or Email me OR send me a private message lol or post in here. Ill be checking a few times a day as I am desperate to find some info on this thing. the serial number on the original neck plate is 13430 if that helps at all (doubt it) just providing any and all info Ive got on it. Thanks-Bob

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Almost undoubtedly Japanese. It looks identical to a certain Aria guitar. I'll wager it IS the same, just badged differently. Probably from the now legendary Matsumoko factory.

Yeah...looks like a bolt-on do you have a pic of the neck plate by any chance...Matsumoku have collectors of their own (I'm leaning that way myself...) make sure you include it in any description if it is.

Yes its a bolt on. The serial number is on the sticker right on the neck plate reading 13430. Where it says Memphis on the headstock...that is the original neck,headstock and The manufacturer's name was never changed.

I'm not saying that the manufacturer's name would have been "changed" as such, just that it was most likely made on the same production line as the Aria guitar but was branded differently, possibly for a different market area.

Here's the Aria Pro II ZZ series guitar:

C'mon, you've got to admit it's virtually identical. I think the headstock may have been a different shape, if I remember correctly, but chances are it was made on the same production line as your Memphis guitar.

Here's the head:

As I thought, it's different, I believe this was the standard Aria 6-on-one-side shape at the time.

I still reckon it's essentially the same guitar.

well, the guitar is forsale if anyone would like to buy it, it would help me out alot. Ive got a baby on the way so i gotta part with a few of my toys...3 guitars need to go, the memphis,epi lp 100,jackson js1 all guitars sound and look great. polished frets and real nice setups. jackson AND the Epi LP are like brand new. ive got pics of them all

would anybody like to buy this Explorer Copy? it needs to go and id hate for it to not get fixed and played. I played it before and it plays well...the pickups sound great...kinda like duncan distortion pups. im accepting offers or trade. EMAIL me at [email protected] and let me know in the subject line what the email is for. Id really like this to go to a good home. Please help me out

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