The Bee Gees... British or Australian?

British as as a bulldog drinking a pint of bitter.

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Australian's are allowed to claim Kiwis as ours, but no way are we going to let poms claim Bee Gees as theirs. We'll go to war again with you lot before that happens.

Thats fighting talk, especially if you said those 'words' in 'Massachusetts'.
And Dont forget to remember if you do get too much heaven it can never be a tragedy.
But they are British, they were born here and came back to live. Thats like you lot claiming the mighty Ian Botham as an Aussie, it's just too outragous to comment on.
And we are beating you lot in the medals table, and the cricket and the rugby, and you never was much cop at football, the only decent film you ever made was Picnic at hanging rock and that starred an English beauty.
Stick em up, stick em uuup.
Jive talker..

and like *that*, this thread has turned into a Bee gees / Run DMC rap battle.

Yo Yo Yo, open up your door,
Gary Glitter is heading back to the English shore.

:evil: You know GG is an Aussie/Kiwi (is there any difference these days?) at heart, i think he should live out his days in Sydney, where he would be a bigger tourist attraction than that over rated music hall on the harbour. The Albert Hall is far better :lol:

And... by the same token, Slash is British too, don't matter where you end up in the world, it's where you were born that counts, i know it's a hard one to swallow Mike but The Bee Gees and The Hee Bee Gee Bees are British too.. Break out the Yorkshire puds!!

Hee Bee Gee Bee fans should follow this link, they were very big in Germany

'The world is very large, and butter is better than marg'

Who remembers Kenny Everett?

lee_UK wrote:
i know it's a hard one to swallow Mike

Blimey, I go for a little holiday and, upon return, the place is full of errant apostrophes and belligerent attitudes. Just because I never tried to swallow Mike's, nor have I tackled Lee's hard ones. I have some catching up to do.

HST, I did laugh at the British medal lead. In the words of Barry Davies; "Where were the Germans [and, this time, the Australians] but, frankly, who cares?"

Top respect to Hooker the pole-vaulter, I really mean that (and the 10m diving bloke), but I'm wondering what the heck happened to all your boys in the pool. Did they drown?

They let Michael Phelps swim the female races as well.

Phelps pushes walls faster than Serbians, even though the camera evidence flatly refutes it. No-one was going to turn that result over, though.

What about the Judo? talking of swimming, will we now see Rebecca Adlington (Double Olympic gold medalist) take over from Sharon Davies (Silver medal winner at Moscow Olympics, which USA, Japan, Germany , China, and Canada boycotted) as our TV pundit?

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