Anybody heard of Myaxe Les Paul?

I saw on Ebay and several auction sites a Les Paul-type guitar called Myaxe. Anybody heard or tried them? I'm looking forward to buying it if it can be depended upon.

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Ive not heard of them, but they are Chinese so take your chances, some are quite good, don't suppose thers any chance of playing one before you buy?

Made in China, but distributed by MyAxe Ltd of Digos, Phillipines so you should be able to contact them easily enough. I only found their Custom model which, at US$400 wholesale, is quite pricey by Chinese guitar standards but they say they're handmade. Hmmm, I'd like to hold and play before paying that sort of money but Myaxe say they like their customers to be happy so check the returns policy.

Thanks guys. Epiphone costs P40,000 (about US$880) in my country. I guess I have no choice but to give this one a try. But before I do, is Paypal really safe to use? What if I will not receive any guitar?

I'd look for an old Japanese Burny or Orville guitar before going for a Chinese Gibson-style guitar.

I got this press release in my inbox this morning:

Your Message: Press Release
August 31, 2008

Chinese guitar-maker Myaxe Musical Instruments Ltd., which previously made OEM guitars, has officially launched its Myaxe brand.

David Liu, Myaxe executive officer, said it took them several months to decide on coming up with an unknown brand.

"When we were talking about it, a question popped out and it was 'does the market really need another Les Paul-type of guitar considering that there are other brands already out there, aside from the more known Epiphone and Gibson?'" Liu said.

But Liu said it was the persistence of his Filipino partner, which solidified the goal of producing quality solid bodies.

"There is also the notion that Chinese products are inferior. We want to change that belief," he said.

Myaxe currently produces the Custom Shredder model and the Riffmaster from solid mahogany body.

And like the solid-bodies being produced by other big names, Myaxe's guitars come in set neck.

"We do not call them copies but innovation for quality at a price every musician can afford. We are not trying to take down on the big brands but our goal is simple. Make Myaxe a major player in the guitar industry," Liu said.

sounds promising.

What do you know.....I just ordered mine from the website found on the bottom of the press release that Michael posted in here. Maybe dealing with the company directly would be better than buying from Ebay. Checked out their returns and warranty and sounds promising to me. Will keep you posted guys when mine finally arrives. Thanks for the help

At half the price of an Epi, it might be worth a go. You should have no problems with PayPal. It's a secure method of payment and might offer protection against non-delivery (you'd have to check because it can vary from country to country). Non-delivery is more of a problem with eBay individuals and there are suspicious-looking sellers with Chinese addresses on eBay that I wouldn't touch. However, this looks like a proper brand name with a Phillipine distributor so it should be legitimate and my gut feeling is they wouldn't go to all this trouble just to scam $450 off a few people. You should get the guitar that you paid for, but no-one (here) knows if it's as good as they say it is. That's why I would look into their returns policy if not satisfied with the product.

Ah, your post came up on the forum while I was taking a break from typing. I think you did the right thing by dealing direct rather than via eBay. Do please let us know what you think of the guitar when you get it.

Guitar arrived this morning and it is quite a beauty in vintage burst. Just finished sound checking it and well, this has some serious rocking to promise. I was trying to provide a detailed info on the guitar but there is some errors I can not understand when I was posting it. I wish I can upload the photos of mine here so you can also see.

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