No thread about women bass players?

(I did a search but I didn't find anything)

Who is you favorite?

-Suzy Quattro

-Paz Lenchantin

-Kim Deal

-Carol Kaye

-Melissa Auf Der Maur

-Gail Ann Dorsey

-Rana Ross

-Anybody else?

I'm really impressed by this pretty young lady:

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D'arcy Wretzky is still one of my faveourites.

Tal Wilkenfeld (in that video) gets quite a lot of press in bass mags, the Jazz/solo stuff is'nt my sort of thing but cleary good, I do like her, what I would call 'proper' bass-playing tho, this is her with Jeff Beck:
Nice fills but nothing too much.

Grunge seemed to have quite a few Female bass players, Maureen from Babes in Toyland is a mod on

Yes, I was impressed by Tal (more so for her playing in a band rather than improv-clinic stuff). As Tim says, female bass players were de riguer in '90s indie bands. Even if they're not super-proficient technical types, Kim Deal and Melissa auf der Maur are faves of mine.

Strangely, in my initial reply I forgot to mention my personal fave bass player: Jane Howden of Chicken Legs Weaver. We went to see them live locally and I was literally "Man, that's what I've always wanted to sound like!"

She looks pretty damn good too but that is definitely secondary to sounding fantastic!

Unfortunately there's not a massive selection on their Myspace but 'Rolling Wheel' (second track) pretty much demonstrates what I'm talking about. Even better live tho, so much more energy.

EDIT: Wine+Spelling=Fail

EDIT 2: awwww, this was my 1000th post :D

Congrats on the grand :D . I had a look at Chicken Legs but only the default track was available. Not a lot of bass but the band is clearly better, and more original, than a ton of "blues influenced" giggers. No wonder they have a rather impressive who's-who style list of "friends".

:? They have 2 tracks on there Myspace the second track should be there? it is when I look...? strange, much more the bass I meant, ah well, they are good anyway. Like a lot of blues stuff it loosing a little bit of something in the recording but still great.

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