DnB and Jungley things

Hey, just wondering if anyone can help with this bass sound.

I know this was most prob synth (808 or whatever) but I've heard Bond play like this (as in clip from Bas Day UK I posted somewhere)

I'm guessing envelope filter, compression, umm...

Ideally I want a ElectroHarmonix Micro Bass synth jobby but I'm not rich just at the mo :(

Anyway, enough rambling, a demo! (and yes I used to end up dancing to this every week at uni, in a rock/alt club of all places...)


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I trawled around and the bass is apparently sampled from LL Cool J's "Eat 'em up chill L" track (the bass is clean at 3:56, I read) but YooToob has taken the track off for some reason so I don't know what Zinc needed to do to it. I probably wouldn't guess from comparing the two anyways; I'm not all that techie on that front.

Maybe you should ask at some d 'n' b forum.

Vid is there for me still :?

Ah well, thanks tho. I've looked into some DnB forums but it's a nightmare trawling through all the threads about sine-wave generators etc to find the one thread on real bass.

I'm some headway putting my LMB-3 before my Bassballs.

Bassballs drives me mad though as the knob has no markings and, mine being a Russian version, has loads of play in it too, I'll keep fiddling tho, more fun that way :D

Sorry Tim, I wasn't clear in my previous yabber.

Your YooToob link is fine. I then checked out a thread on RollDaBeats:

that reckoned it was a bassline snaffled from LL Cool J. Unfortunately, the YooToob of LadiesLurve Cool J's track (linked in the thread) is the deadend so I don't have the "dry" to compare to the Sharpshooter bassline. I suspect that modulating the playing speed was used (and that's a bit difficult to do with a real bass and any pedal) but don't know for sure without hearing the dry.

aaah, cheers again then, I'll hunt that down :)

I thought it was just the vocal nicked from Mr J, I'll mooch around the net some more...

swapped the 2 pedals round at the mo which is proving interesting as I can control the effect with my attack but get a constant level.

If you're accountable to iTunes etc ('fraid I'm not) then it might be worth spunking 70p on a download of LL's track. According to the RollDaBeats thread, the plattermonkeys were pretty convinced that the bass @ 3:56 is the clean bit without breaks sampled by zinc. You being very plug 'n' play (again, I'm not), you could try the mp3 through your 'balls etc until you have something that sounds close, then try the Aria.

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