Fender Mustang repair

I was given a Fender Mustang some years back, but it has been treated very badly. Now the time has come to put it back to former stardom.
This needs to be done:
New frets, the old ones has been pulled out.
Fit wood in a hole where an extra mic has been fitted. This mic is going out!
The body is partly sanded, so it needs new lacquer and finish, but I want it to look as old as it is with wear and tear.
The fret thing can be done by many people, but for the wood filling and the lacquer I need someone who's capable of doing such a jobb perfectly. Does anyone have someone to recommend?


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By coincidence, I had a Mustang Bass that had a huge chunk taken out for another pickup. This could have been filled but, also, the upper horn was taken back and this couldn't be repaired so I tried to find a body replacement.

Your approximate location is needed before a luthier repairer could be recommended but also look on eBay for Mustang bodies. Mine was left handed so I never did get a replacement but right-hand bodies float around on eBay all the time. Mustangs are often robbed for their dated hardware (neckplates, pickups, tuners etc) and the bodies sell for little money; possibly less than you would pay for a repair.

My exact location is Norway, but I don't know of anyone here with enough knowledge about the lacquer finish, so I'm prepared to ship it abroad. But thanks for the ebay tip. I'll check it out.

I did check eBay, but nothing (apart from fairly expensive Japanese RI bodies) just yet. I am assuming that you want a Mustang Bass (not Mustang guitar) body. This will take a little more time, but they do appear and sell for less than the guitar body. I used to see them sell for less than $100 (pretty frustrating for me as a left-hander).

You need to set up a worldwide (most are in the US) eBay search for "Mustang Bass Body" and have eBay email you automatically when one comes up. Bear in mind the cost of shipping and import taxes before bidding.

I did check ebay, but didn't find any original bass body's. I tried but didn't manage to find out how to set up ebay so it tell's me whenever one comes up. How do I do that? I have it set to worldwide, so all that's avilable should appear.

You'll need to register as a proper eBayer. Once done, here's what to do:

Type "Mustang Bass body" into the search bar and click on the "search" button.
Now, at the top, change it from "All Categories" to "Musical Instruments" and click "search" again.
Next, on the left-hand side, under "Location" choose "worldwide".

Currently, you'll see two Mustang bass bodies; a RI Japanese and a loaded (ie, all hardware except the neck) RI Japanese, both overpriced and both from "reliablefender".

At the top of the list, click on "save this search" and the default offer is to email you whenever a new match occurs for the next 60 days. You will receive an email when the 60 days is nearly up and you can easily renew the search.

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